Nice Prototype China pictures

Nice Prototype China pictures

A few good prototype china images I located:

The Transportable Atelier Mini, Nyc.

Image by atelier-ying

Men and women enjoy camera bags, so why not atelier bags or pochade bags?

1. Giveaway waterproof medicine bag from a nearby pharmacy. These are intended to hold numerous pill bottles and nonetheless look excellent filled to the brim. The green bag and red accessories generate the most vibrant color energy.
2. Red drawing tool set (marker, flat marker, fountain pen, ballpoint pen and tape. All in red)
three. Traveling relic of St. Therese de Lisieux who painted watercolors, wrote and prayed.
four. Renzo Piano’s intense yellow sticker papers, look so very good with red or green inks.
five. my Indispensable electric eraser and refills with fresh batteries. I really feel like a dentist employing this.
7. Pre-mixed Gesso and gesso brush. In a pinch, I usually paint with xerox correction fluid.
eight. My unfinished prototype for a futuristic, apocalyptic, Gundam &quotHand of God&quot camera. Till I full this, it may possibly as properly spend time being charged by an actual hand of God (see relic in no. three above).
9. name seals in amber and bone
ten. Midori refill and miniature Moleskine notebooks (not shown).

sweet china girl

Image by merwing✿little dear
I could not resist tweaking her faceup a small bit to match the prototype much better. P

Black-backed early prototype

Image by jimabeles
This is a genuinely early 2G prototype. In contrast to my other prototype with the silver back (and a couple other folks that have surfaced on the net), the case is all black. And the screen is a matte, plastic material.

In contrast to the other prototype, which boots to the iPhone OS, this 1 only boots to the diagnostic plan.

The serial quantity indicates that it was manufactured in in China, the 42nd week of 2006 (the iPhone was announced the 1st week of 2007 and released June 29, 2007).

ODU-USA – Cable Assembly Integrated Solutions for the Next-Generation

ODU-USA – Cable Assembly Integrated Solutions for the Next-Generation
With manufacturing capabilities in China, Germany, Romania, and the USA, ODU-USA is nicely equipped to supply the US market place swiftly and efficiently. … custom portion design and style, rapid prototyping/solution development, thermoplastic injection molding style …
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US pc storage maker upbeat on PH
hgst MANILA, Philippines–HGST Inc., a US-primarily based manufacturer and retailer of personal computer storage devices and solutions, targets to make the Philippines the center of its global operations in 3 to 5 years given the engineering capabilities of the …
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ODU-USA Cable Assembly Integrated Solutions for the Subsequent-generation Military and Healthcare Applications

(PRWEB) October 29, 2014

With its expansion into the US market place, ODU-USA has the capability of supplying its cable assembly solutions and capabilities for health-related and military applications worldwide. ODU’s exceptional engineering requirements guarantee the highest level of cable design and efficiency. Its manufacturing strategy and capability leverages the vertical integration of precision connectors, component parts and engineered cable assemblies to offer you higher top quality client integrated solutions. ODU-USA also offers major options for the industrial, test and measurement, power, and automotive industries to help them in buying next-generation measuring devices, precision connectors, and other products. With manufacturing capabilities in China, Germany, Romania, and the USA, ODU-USA is nicely equipped to provide the US market place swiftly and effectively.


For a full list of the cable/connector options supplied by ODU-USA, check out


As a worldwide company with access to reputable vendors, ODU-USA is prepared to give US businesses with a one particular-stop solution for manufacturing wants, to contain but not limited to solution tool design and style, custom component design, rapid prototyping/item development, thermoplastic injection molding design and style/fabrication, CNC tooling style/development, bonding, laser etching, custom cable style/drawing, engineering/style solutions, ITAR regulated facilities, complete turnkey solutions, private labeling, engineering drawing capabilities, sub-assembly capabilities, and potting possibilities for a water-tight/vacuum-tight technique.


Military Applications:&#13

ODU-USA delivers light, sturdy, and rugged interconnect technologies by way of the AMC line. The military products offered consist of field radios, portable computer systems, evening vision, digital scopes, communication devices, militarized robotics, head sets, and weapons technologies to incorporate chemical detection and radar detection.


Healthcare Applications:&#13

ODU-USA’s health-related applications contain patient monitoring systems, imaging systems (MRI, EKG/ECG, retinal scanning,) surgical robotics technologies, transportable X-rays, glucose meters, heart assistant devices, electric wheelchairs, and dialysis devices.


Industrial and Test &amp Measurement Applications:&#13

The business provides lightweight, portable, and tough solutions created with the customer’s application in mind, to consist of laser technologies, sensors, analyzers, automatic production machines, and video handle systems.


For a more detailed list of the applications offered by ODU-USA, please go to


About ODU Group&#13

ODU is a single of the world’s top connector systems suppliers and employs more than 1,650 people around the globe. ODU-USA has an international production and distribution network in North America, Europe, and Asia, and its company headquarters is located at Mühldorf am Inn, Germany. The ODU group sells its items about the world and has an international distribution network. This includes seven sales firms in USA, Denmark, England, France, Italy, Sweden, and China, as well as numerous sales partners about the planet. ODU combines all relevant places of competence and important technologies relating to design and style and improvement, machine tool and unique machine construction, injection, stamping, turning, surface technology, assembly and cable assembly. Connections from ODU ensure the trustworthy transmission of power, signals, data, and media in numerous demanding application locations. These application locations are located in future-oriented development markets such as healthcare technologies, military and safety technology, and energy technologies, as properly as in established sectors such as industrial electronics, measurement/testing technology, and automotive technology.


For more info about the company’s items and services, go to


For press inquiries, please get in touch with:&#13

Dana Stoica, Marketing Manager&#13

Phone +1 (805) 484-0540 Fax: +1 (805) 484-7458&#13



Americase, Inc. Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Americase, Inc. Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Waxahachie, TX (PRWEB) October 23, 2014

Americase, Inc., the market leader of airline quality transport instances, is proud to announce that they are celebrating their 30th year of business. Bill Kinsala, Americase Founder, began creating custom gun instances for competitive shooters of skeet, trap and sporting clay’s. A competitive shooter himself, Bill wasn’t happy with the gun cases available in the marketplace and decided to develop the world’s ideal gun case. That was the starting of Americase, Inc. in 1985. Given that that time Americase has grown into an extremely diversified organization, creating almost everything from Nitrogen/Oxygen Recharge Technique (NORS) transport circumstances for NASA to being the initial to market place Broken and Defective Lithium Ion Battery transport circumstances, whilst nonetheless continuing to be the ideal top quality gun case maker in the USA.


“Over the previous several years we have observed quite a alter in our company model. The business, which started as a gun case manufacturer, is now a planet renowned developer of custom instances in the Aviation, Aerospace, Oil, Gas, Government, Education, Audio/Visual, Sporting and Military industries. In truth we have the proven capabilities to develop and engineer custom solutions for complex specifications and expectations of our clientele. Americase has gone from building the greatest gun circumstances in the world, to delivering superior transport cases that allow intricate probe tools to travel as far as ten,000 feet under sea level, situations that permit oxygen tanks to circumnavigate the globe aboard industrial aircraft, and even to travel 250 miles above the earth to the International Space Station. At the identical time one particular of our cases could be assisting an Olympic Shooter to earn a medal or enabling a semi-conductor probe to test the nano circuits in a microprocessor in order to be authorized for use in your iPhone or laptop. We’re proud of our accomplishments over the past 30 years and appear forward to the future of Americase,” said Robby Kinsala, President of Americase.


About Americase:&#13

Americase, an AS9100 and ISO 9001 organization is the premier case manufacturer of airline high quality transport situations. Expert on-internet site employees enables Americase to create, engineer and produce just about any case sort that can be imagined. With an all-in-home production atmosphere ranging from precision CNC sheet metal punching and bending capabilities to specialized water jet and machining of foam cushions and other composites, to custom applied graphics on virtually anything, Americase is uniquely adept in delivering high quality, custom fabricated parts and containers to various industries all more than the planet.


If you can dream it, Americase can construct it. Supplying Quality Carrying Cases designed to travel the world and created in the U.S.A. since 1985. &#13

For a lot more information please speak to our Sales Group at 800-972-2737&#13

Industrial Products &#13

Sporting Cases    &#13

Applied Graphics


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The Trend Every Nation on Earth Is Pouring Money Into

The Trend Every Nation on Earth Is Pouring Money Into
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Speed up production: CNC Engineering

Speed up production: CNC Engineering

Time is 1 of the most crucial aspects in human life nowadays in each aspect. Men and women sustain time for performing specific jobs. In early instances with the lacking of technologies and machines folks had to manually do the exact same function with sheer manpower which made it time costly in those days. These days there are many machines and equipments which are utilized by people to get their operate simplified and more rapidly. Functions such as constructions, productions, manufacturing of components, and so forth can be simplified and be carried out faster with the use of specific equipments and devices. In today’s life every person want to get their job accomplished as fast as attainable and with most facilities.

In the aspect of production, the same can be applied. There is a vast development of the economy of the globe as a whole from the previous years. As much more and more population goes on growing, more and far more demand increases and there are developed far more pressure on production in a limited time. In product a variety of sort of machines and equipment are employed to handle as well as carry production method. In the early times only human with their manpower did all the perform in the absence of technology but presently with the advancement of technologies, computerized machinery, devices and equipments are offered and are used in every manufacturing procedure to speed up the time of production as effectively as to reduced the number of labors to be utilised.

With the advancement of technologies CNC machines are being created presently to help the production process as nicely as many other locations. CNC stands for computer numerical handle which refers to automation of the machines with the use of programming which can be controlled by levers, hand wheels, buttons, etc. In the system of CNC elements are hugely automated making use of CAD (personal computer aided design and style) and CAM (laptop aided manufacturing). There are numerous organizations that practices CNC engineering in generating CNC machines and devices. These systems are mainly used in cutting of metals and materials like stainless steel, brass, and aluminum, steel, copper and several far more.

An additional engineering which is sub disciplined to electronics engineering, electrical engineering, optical engineering and mechanical engineering is precision engineering. This variety of engineering is concerned with the development of machines, devices, fixtures, and so on which will have really low tolerance in respect to physical dimension, property, material, etc. CNC machining not only aids in speeding up the production approach but also makes certain that the production goes as calculated i.e. it offers precise measurements of the item being made.

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