British Airways L1011-500 G-BLUT

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British Airways L1011-500 G-BLUT

Image by caribb
A Blast from the Past
-Truly this was my flight out to London Heathrow here at Mirabel Airport. I never have a date but I am guessing the late 1980s (1985 or 1986). G-BLUT. I flew on their TriStar 500s twice in the late 80s most likely 1985.

*Airplanes 101* (See Airplanes 101 Set)
&gtName: Lockheed L1011-500 TriStar
&gtManufacturer: Lockheed (USA)
&gtMain Part: extended-medium range wide physique jetliner
&gtBasic design and style: 3 engined double aisle wide physique jet.
&gtCapacity: 234 passengers
&gtRange: 10200km
&gtFirst delivery date: 1978
&gtStill in production in 2008: No
&gtEasily confused for: DC-ten &amp MD-11
&gtMain Qualities Appear for the tail integrated engine intake at the best rear of the fuselage. The -500 version has a aerodynamic wind faring built into the base of the engine intake to generate much better wind flow. The -500 variant is also 4.three meters shorter than the normal -100 variant. The -500 version also scrapped the emergency exit at the rear of the plane and replaced each with standard size exits hence eliminating the a single positioned closed to the rear of the wing on the bigger -100/200 variants.
&gtExamples of Primary Operators: None, most are out of service nowadays but these that are are in Asia for the most element. The RAF nevertheless flies some and they may possibly show up in major cities in Spain with a few charter carriers still employing them. They had been the main long haul workhorse for Eastern Airlines, TWA, ANA, Air Canada, Cathay Pacific and British Airways for years.

Iberia 747-256B EC-DNP

Image by caribb
A Blast from the Previous
-A terrasse with a view LOL 🙂 There used to be annual air shows at Mirabel where portion of the airport tarmac was employed as a static display location for military and some commercial planes. I loved it simply because you could nevertheless get truly close to scheduled flights like this Iberia 747-200 that for a lot of years flew MAD-YUL-MEX… therefore the little outside café appropriate there in front of the 747… Envision this nowadays LOL….!!? there is just no way, the globe isn’t as innocent any longer. Nevertheless though I was lucky enough to knowledge this and get this cool shot and appreciate the air show. I marked on the photo &quotSpring 1983&quot…

*Airplanes 101* (See Airplanes 101 Set)
Name: Boeing 747-200,
Manufacturer: Boeing (USA) .
Primary Part: huge capacity extended range mainline jetliner
Fundamental design and style: Four engines double aisle wide body jet. Knows as a &quotJumbo Jet&quot
Capacity: Roughly 395-500 passengers
Range: 9000km -12700km
Very first delivery date: 1970
Nonetheless in production in 2006: No
Very easily confused for: ..absolutely nothing. It really is special to itself but these two models can be simply confused for the 747-300 and 747-400.
Major identifying points: Look for the the &quothump&quot or second floor at the front of the plane that homes the cockpit and upper deck cabin f the aircraft. Also the reality there are passenger seats much more forward than the cockpit. No other jetliner has these functions. Every little thing else is secondary: A really huge and huge tail, four extremely massive wing mounted engines. The 747-one hundred and 747-200 have antennae located a
at the wingtips facing backwards (observed best from below the plane on the ground whilst it really is in flight), four sets of main undercarriage landing gear. Early models of the -100 only had 3 second floor windows on every single side of the upper deck. Later models have a typical set of closely positioned windows as an alternative. Each versions has a standard short length upper deck compared to the 747-400 whose deck was lengthened substantially.
Examples of Primary Operators: Today the 747-one hundred is pretty much out of service. They may be cargo carriers nonetheless flying it. JAL, ANA and I think Northwest still fly the occasional 747-200. The primary operators of it is day were Pan Am, TWA, Lufthansa, BOAC, Air France, Air Canada, JAL, Qantas, Varig, United, Continental, Air India, Sabena, Swissair, SAS, Alitalia, Olympic amongst several.

For more pics of 747 aircraft see the Boeing 747 group right here at Flickr