I require to invent a more quickly way to make soft jaws. Specifically when prototyping. #cncporn #cncmachining

Some cool quick prototyping images:

I need to have to invent a more rapidly way to make soft jaws. Particularly when prototyping. #cncporn #cncmachining
fast prototyping
Image by hansk

fast prototyping
Image by The DEMO Conference
Seed launches Seed Speedy Prototyping Kit in the Internet of Things marketplace segment during DEMO Fall 2014 at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California, on Thursday, November 20, 2014. Primarily based on Seed technologies (utilizing Bluetooth Sensible), the Rapid Prototyping Kit provides companies a whole spectrum of new functions suited for the Net of Things marketplace. It permits connected products to be construct rapidly and simply. For more information on Seed please pay a visit to bit.ly/DEMO-Seed. Comprehensive coverage of DEMO, New Tech Solving Large Difficulties, can be found at bit.ly/DEMOsite. Photo by Stephen Brashear (www.stephenbrashear.com)