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Hartford Factory Ends Production, Moves Function Outdoors U.S.
Manufacturing at Wes-Garde Elements, a little factory in Hartford&#39s South Finish, stopped at the end of final year, but the 50 workers losing their jobs do qualify for enhanced unemployment positive aspects and access to retraining simply because, the federal government&nbsp…
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India&#39s Tejas Will Take On China-Pak Fighter Jet In 6 Days
Pakistan in the meantime turned to China in 1999 to aid close the gap with the Indian Air Force, jointly collaborating in the production of the JF-17 Thunder light fighter. The 1st prototype of the JF-17 Thunder flew in 2003. The program is to induct …
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Chinese Stealth Fighter J-20 Starts Production
&quot2101&quot rolled out of the factory on December 26, 2015, still in its vibrant yellow factory primer. 2101 is structurally most similar to &quot2016&quot and &quot2017&quot, the 7th and 8th J-20 prototypes. With the very first LRIP squadron likely to be completed by the end of …
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