Against the backdrop of the Cold War, the navies of the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, France, and China followed suit, and the very first generation of naval nuclear technologies spread rapidly, by way of cooperation or copycatting. With each other, these five …
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Stratasys: 3D-Printing Will Bring Manufacturing Back to Europe and US
… to assist us expense-properly bring manufacturing back [from China].&quot The reason 3D-printing could make such a difference in manufacturing is that much more and much more businesses are beginning to realise the rewards of employing it during the rapid prototyping …
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NATO&#39s Tentacles Choking Ukraine
(caps., mine) Prejudgment and conviction, essential for the pending company, a rapid-reaction force to halt a putative Russian takeover. And this force, it is becoming clearer, is meant, as the prototype, to legitimize NATO intervention anyplace in the …
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