Student-developed tricorder diagnostics method chosen as finalist in Qualcomm …

Student-developed tricorder diagnostics method chosen as finalist in Qualcomm

Blood Wolves: Spec Ops Commando

Image by Âtin
These are the basic troopers of the special operations branch and can survive in even the most harsh weather situations. Trained to survive something by given barely any supplies they are fairly inexpensive to train.

I did not really did not want to upload the spec ops figs yet but I haven’t had any time to get the other ones ready so right here they are.

Blood Wolves:

[Simple Squad]


[Communications Officer]

[ &quotMajor&quot Payne ]

[ Hercules ]

[Spec Ops]




[Sophisticated Units]




[Thermo Trooper]

[Aqua Trooper]


[ Infiltration Expert ]

[ Basic ]


[Variety Expert]


[ &quotMayhem&quot ]

[ &quotKa-Boom&quot ]

Student-made tricorder diagnostics program selected as finalist in Qualcomm
A team of 19 Johns Hopkins undergraduate students — such as ten in biomedical engineering — has been chosen as one particular of ten finalists for the $ 10M Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE. Their team, Aezon, developed a prototype that monitors a user&#39s vitals,&nbsp…
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Samsung&#39s bendable Television is much more impressive flat than curved
Creating a 105-inch Television that can bend on command is an undeniable feat of engineering, but it doesn&#39t look like anybody stopped to ask why we&#39d actually want one. Samsung&#39s massive new prototype Television takes pride of spot in the entryway to the company&#39s&nbsp…
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Student-Built Rovers Will Face Off on Mock Mars Missions
Comparable to the U.S. University Rover Challenge, held annually in the Utah desert, the European Rover Challenge involves making a prototype Mars rover that should attempt to total many tasks, such as navigation and sample return, in a simulated …
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Young Trumbull entrepreneur heading to Chicago for contest
Wade who lately graduated from UCONN with a mechanical engineering degree, comes from a great lineage of manufacturing entrepreneurs. His great … “My first plastic prototype was manufactured with the 3D printer at the Fairchild Library in Nichols.
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