CAD/CAM Manufacturers Are Trending Towards Open Architecture: U.S. Market place Led by Sirona, Align Technologies, and EnvisionTec

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) September 11, 2014

According to a report series by iData Analysis, the leading global authority in health-related device, dental and pharmaceutical industry analysis, the total U.S. CAD/CAM technique market is anticipated to develop to more than $ 300 million by 2020. CAD/CAM systems marketplace involves complete in-lab, standalone scanners and chairside systems. Market place development will be driven by the improve in demand by each customers and dentists for all-ceramic restorations due to their superior aesthetic qualities, biocompatibility of ceramic materials and economical pricing.


Chairside systems are the fastest expanding market, as much more laboratories and dental offices are going digital, making use of CAD/CAM technologies, intra-oral digital impression-taking devices and rapid prototyping systems. This market place is expected to experience double digit development by 2020. “Chairside use is expected to enhance further due to the new entry of glass ceramics blocks to the marketplace and the reimbursement of resin supplies at the same rate as ceramics,” says Dr. Kamran Zamanian, CEO of iData.


CAD/CAM makers are trending towards open architecture, meaning that the application can be utilized in conjunction with any milling unit. Open architecture makes it possible for systems presented from various firms to inter-communicate. For example, 3Shape and Dental Wings only offer standalone scanner systems, but they are compatible with various milling systems such as Wieland Dental’s ZENOTEC™ and B&ampD Dental’s ORIGIN® for milling restorations. This trend is far more visible among lower priced CAD/CAM systems such as Schütz Dental’s Tizan™, which gives an open architecture to operate with other systems.


One particular of the major trends driving the technological developments is the demand for far more assortment offered by CAD/CAM systems, such as versatility in materials utilized allowing for the alternative of utilizing wax or composite material to mill a restoration. An additional driving trend is giving laboratories the alternative of choosing how they want the restoration prepared. DENTSPLY for instance, provides a quantity of techniques to mill a dental restoration making use of their CAD/CAM technologies.


Essential leading manufacturers in this industry are Sirona, Align Technologies, and EnvisionTec. Other respected competitors such as 3Shape, DENTSPLY, Nobel Biocare and Dental Wings, supply a diverse range of CAD/CAM items and related devices, such as CAD/CAM blocks and prosthetics.


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iData’s four-report series on the U.S., European, Asia-Pacific and Emerging “Markets for Dental Prosthetics and CAD/CAM Devices” covers Crowns and Bridges, Inlays and Onlays, Veneers, Dentures, CAD/CAM Systems, Intra-Oral Digital Impression-Taking Systems and Rapid Prototyping Systems.


The full reports supply a comprehensive analysis like procedure numbers, units sold, marketplace worth, forecasts, as nicely as a detailed competitive marketplace shares and evaluation of main players’ accomplishment techniques in each market and segment.


For a cost-free executive summary pay a visit to&#13 place-2014/


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iData Study ( is an international market research and consulting group focused on supplying industry intelligence for health-related device and pharmaceutical organizations. iData covers analysis in: dental, orthopedics, imaging and more.


Engineering and Architecture Veterans to Raise $50,000 to Launch Clean Water Initiative Planet Hydra

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 04, 2014

Planet Hydra, a mobile desalination solution, has launched its 45-day fundraiser using the international crowd funding site, IndieGogo Inc.

Planet Hydra is an aggressive technology-driven response to the world water crisis. As the world’s first sustainable traveling ocean-based vessel equipped with desalination technology, Planet Hydra will provide clean drinking water to people all over the world, particularly to those who have zero access to water resources. Due to the vessel’s power to purify seawater while navigating through international seas and its capability to continue purifying ocean water while remaining moored off-shore, Planet Hydra’s on-demand desalination solution will be a rapid response for any regional demand for water.

“Water is the most crucial element we consume and put in our bodies,” said Las Vegas-based Robert Weinmeier, co-founding engineer of Planet Hydra. “It is not something to take lightly when millions of people in our world don’t have direct access to water. Our vision in creating this project is to stop the water crisis and to make sure it never starts up again.”

More than 85% of the world populates the driest half of the planet, and 783 million people are denied access to clean water daily. Nearly 2.5 billion people live in unsanitary conditions, and approximately 8 million people die annually from water-related diseases and disasters. Planet Hydra’s mission is to decrease these numbers while eliminating such water-related diseases.

“The Planet Hydra concept was an immediate response to my travels to Haiti, where I saw with my own eyes thousands of ill families and children stricken by malnutrition due to the scarcity of clean water,” stated Los Angeles-based Richard Best, co-founder and architect of Planet Hydra. “We hope citizens from all over the world will contribute to Planet Hydra and make this a reality. We will not stop until everyone in the world has access to fresh, clean drinking water.”

The $ 50,000 donated through IndieGogo will be used to create a working prototype by completely retrofitting Planet Hydra’s 56-foot vessel, which includes a reverse osmosis system, intake and outtake systems; as well as to cover the costs of dock fees, the development of IP technology, and boathouse restoration.

A brief introduction to the current world water crisis, a thorough video overview of Planet Hydra’s first-of-its kind technology and the execution plan to quickly hydrate the world are available for interactive use at


Founded by Robert Weinmeier and Richard Best, Planet Hydra is the world’s first mobile ocean-based vessel that provides fresh drinking water to populations all over the world through its integrated desalination technology. Engineer, successful entrepreneur and certified sailor, Robert Weinmeier brings his “outside-the-box” design approach to help manifest a solution for the world water crisis. Throughout his international voyages, Weinmeier has seen too many situations involving the water crisis, which have degraded development all around the world. As the visionary behind the team, Weinmeier sees a world where no single individual will have trouble having access to fresh clean drinking water. Richard Best, architect of Planet Hydra, came to Los Angeles in 1980 to study under the world-renowned architect, Charles W. Moore. Best created a few of Los Angeles’ well-known locations such as, Venice Beach Ocean Front Walk and Beverly Hills Civic Center. Best, an architect with a deep understanding and passion for sustainability concepts and green technology, aims to make an impact toward the future of green initiatives. Drawing from his expertise as Chairman of the Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization, a defacto UN recognized IGO, a bridge between governments and private sectors facilitating the implementation of renewable energy technology, Best brings clout to the Planet Hydra team with his vast industry experience and expertise in architecture, technology and international relations. More information is available on Planet Hydra’s website at, on Twitter and Instagram @PlanetHydra. The 56-foot vessel is located at the Port of Los Angeles, Berth 160 and is slated to be one of four to be constructed in the next two years.


1. Planet Hydra Pledge Allocation

2. Planet Hydra Road Map One-Year Plan

3. Planet Hydra Reverse Osmosis

4. Planet Hydra Desalination Vessel Technology


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