Minister Farry congratulates Seamus Morris of Coalisland’s precision engineering organization Northern Hydraulics on being awarded the prestigious Investors in People (IiP) accreditation

Minister Farry congratulates Seamus Morris of Coalisland’s precision engineering organization Northern Hydraulics on being awarded the prestigious Investors in People (IiP) accreditation

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Minister Farry congratulates Seamus Morris of Coalisland’s precision engineering firm Northern Hydraulics on being awarded the prestigious Investors in People (IiP) accreditation
precision engineering company
Image by Northern Ireland Executive
Coalisland precision engineering company Northern Hydraulics is one particular of 37 organisations from across Northern Ireland these days awarded with the prestigious Investors in Folks (IiP) accreditation.…

1900s (mid) – Arnold Ray L, Charles L, James R, James Bernard L, Minnie Wilson – 98a8ew8r23
precision engineering company
Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
Clint‘s grandad’s family members.

Arnold, Charles, James, Minnie.
sitting, smoking.
military uniform.
black and white.

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Arnold Ray L, my great uncle (dad’s dad’s brother). Born two/18/1906 and died 8/7/1972 in Fairmont, WV.
Son of James and Minnie
Brother of Lena Might, Charles and James Bernard
Occupation: Odd jobs

Charles Edward L, my great uncle (dad’s dad’s brother). Born 9/26/1912 in Fairmont, WV. Died ten/two/1995 in Grand Prarie, TX.
Son of James and Minnie
Husband of Ruth
Father of Susan Miller L, Jayne Albritton L, David, Daniel and Paul
Brother of Arnold Ray, Lena Could and James Bernard
Occupation: Precision Machinist
Charles Edward L served in the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930’s where he served as Administrator of a organization sized unit. He served in the WV National Guard from 1930 to 1942. Throughout World War II, he served with his federalized unit in the Territory of Alaska, where he participated in combat against the Japanese.
His principal civilian occupation was Precision Machinist in the aircraft industry. During Planet War II, he worked at his craft on the Manhattan Project (development of the atom bomb) and subsequently worked on a quantity of NASA space rockets. -from ‘Draft Family members History’ as compiled by James Bernard L

James Bernard L, my grandfather (dad’s dad). Born two/18/1922 in Fairmont, WV. Died 12/18/2001 in Arlington, VA.
Son of James and Minnie
Husband of Maria Clara (&quotRonnie&quot)
Father of Victor (dad)
Brother of Arnold Ray, Lena Could and Charles
James Bernard L was a extended-serving member of the 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Division, and its Association. He joined the National Guard in 1936, then the 16th Infantry in 1940 at Fort Jay, New York. In the Allied landings in Africa in November, 1942, he was the Regimental Sergeant Significant. He fought in Sicily and later, in the Normandy Invasion, as a Warrant Officer beneath General Omar Bradley. He continued with the 16th Infantry through France, the Battle of the Bulge, Germany and Czechoslovakia.
After the war, he served at Fort Knox, Kentucky, the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Pentagon, Fort Shafter, Hawaii, and the Adjutant GeneralsSchool, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana, exactly where he retired in 1960 as a CWO-four.
James then became one particular of the strongest supporters of the Regimental Association, writing many articles and booklets created by the Association, and was a contributor, editor, and participant in the production of the recent volume of the regiment’s history, &quotBlood and Sacrifice.&quot
James was also an avid flag collector and member of NAVA, and a longtime philatelist.

James Roman L, my excellent-grandfather (dad’s dad’s dad). Born two/13/1884 in Warsaw, Poland. Died 1/28/1965 in Fairmont, WV.
Son of Ignatius and Hegwig?
Husband of Minnie
Father of Arnold Ray, Lena Might, Charles and James Bernard
Brother of Martha and Edward
Occupation: B&ampO Railroad Engineer
James Roman L’s original name was believed to be Julius Roman L. Even though his obituary stated he was born in Warsaw, that is not believed to be the case. He did not know specifically exactly where he was born, but believed it to be &quotsomewhere close to the Russian border.&quot He is buried in the household plot of Jones Cemetery, Fairmont, West Virginia. His name is recorded on the American Immigrant Wall of Honor on Ellis Island, despite the fact that incorrectly listed as James Rome L, from Poland. Our final name implies near the river according to ‘Draft Family members History’ as compiled by James Bernard L.

Minnie Wilson L, my wonderful grandmother (dad’s dad’s mom). Born ten/17/1885 (Mannington, WV). Died 10/1/1971 (Mannington, WV). She had six brothers &amp 3 sisters, 1 husband, 3 sons &amp 1 daughter.
Daughter of Sarepta Alcinda and Nuzum
Wife of James
Mother of Arnold Ray, Lena Could, Charles and James Bernard (Clint‘s grandad)
Sister of Thomas, Martha, Willis, Sanford, Lawrence, Charles, Margaret, Della, Clinton and Naomi
Occupation: Homemaker

1965 – 1976 Lancia Fulvia Coupé
precision engineering company
Image by Georg Sander
The Lancia Fulvia is an Italian vehicle introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in 1963 by Lancia. It was developed by that firm through 1976. Fulvias are notable for their role in automobile racing history, which includes winning the International Rally Championship in 1972. On testing it in 1967, Road &amp Track summed up the Fulvia as &quota precision motorcar, an engineering tour de force&quot.


– – –

Der Lancia Fulvia ist ein Automobil des italienischen Herstellers Lancia. Es wurde von Herbst 1963 bis Ende 1976 gebaut und gilt als Nachfolgemodell des Lancia Appia.

Wie andere nach dem 1950 vorgestellten Aurelia entwickelten Lancia-Modelle war der Fulvia nach einer klassischen Römerstraße, hier der Through Fulvia, benannt. Im Herbst 1972 wurde dieses Method der Benennung wieder geändert: der unter Fiat-Regie gebaute Nachfolger des Fulvia war der Lancia Beta.

Der Fulvia war als Berlina (Limousine) und als Coupé erhältlich. Außerdem gab es wie bei Lancia üblich ein bei Carrozzeria Zagato entworfenes und in Kleinserie gebautes Fließheckcoupé mit dem traditionellen Namen Sport. Das technische Konzept des Fulvia stammt von Antonio Fessia, die Kind wurde von Pietro Castagnero bei Lancia entworfen.


26 Schools Across the United States Awarded New Imagination Playground Classroom Block Sets

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 02, 2014

26 schools have been awarded a new Imagination Playground Classroom Block set for their kids to advance understanding in their classrooms. Imagination Playground is an innovative playground equipment program that transforms any space — schools, children’s museums, parks and recreation, daycare centers, camps, hospitals, churches — into a play space that encourages understanding, social development, movement, and above all exciting. Imagination Playground Classroom Blocks fit simply in a classroom or indoor play space. The 26 new Imagination Playground Classroom Block recipients are:


Bay City Academy | Bay City, Michigan                             &#13

Dothan Brook College | Junction, Vermont            &#13

West Vernon Elementary | Los Angeles, California                 &#13

Hinkletown Mennonite College | Ephrata, Pennsylvania        &#13

Londonderry College | Harrisburg, Pennsylvania                     &#13

Early Childhood Studying Center | Irvine, California &#13

Woodland Elementary | Oakridge, Tennessee                 &#13

Aveson Charter College | Altadena, California                 &#13

Scotland Elementary | Scotland, South Dakota                 &#13

Eans Elementary | Austin, Texas                             &#13

Madison Consolidated Early Development Center | Madison, Indiana    &#13

St. Jerome Catholic College | Houston, Texas&#13

LCCC Childrens Learning Center | Elyria, Ohio&#13

Len Lastinger Principal College | Tifton, Georgia&#13

Spark Discovery Preschool | Frederick, Colorado&#13

Minnieland Academy at Westchester Commons | Midlothian, Virginia    &#13

Garrison Forest School | Owings Mills, Maryland    &#13

Central City Elementary School | Central City, Kentucky    &#13

Mast Community Charter School | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania    &#13

The Finding out Garden | Medina, Ohio    &#13

Grace Prep Academy | Arlington, Texas&#13

Manley Elementary College | Morristown, Tennessee&#13

Tupelo Public Schools | Tupelo, Mississippi&#13

Grizzly Hill School | Nevada City, California&#13

Cleveland Metropolitan Schools | Cleveland, Ohio &#13

Reading Edge Academy | Debary, Florida


The awarded schools will pilot their sets and test a range of curriculum with the blocks to help their students learn. “We adopted the common core standards lately and a single of the issues we have been lacking is the suitable tools to see how geometry applies to actual life. I researched various blocks to see how I could teach that, and I came across Imagination Playground. It was a far more life–sized, genuine and amazing way to see how geometry fits in the structural engineering portion of our globe,” stated Kimberly Halbruner, Educator and Math Coach at Len Lastinger Principal School. This offers a possibility for revolutionary educators to use their Imagination Playground Classroom Blocks to help youngsters discover needed subjects, and to also enable them free play.


“There were 26 clear winners, and over three,000 nominations for an Imagination Playground Classroom Block Set. Congratulations to all who nominated for recognizing the significance of play. We will continue to reward organizations on the top edge of youngster improvement by way of play.” Dave Krishock, President of Imagination Playground stated in in response to every person efforts. The Imagination Playground Classroom Block Awarded will provide innovative educators a opportunity to help children learn necessary subjects, although enabling open-ended cost-free play.


About Imagination Playground, LLC&#13

Imagination Playground is a breakthrough play space notion developed to encourage kid-directed, inventive totally free play. The kind of play that professionals say is vital to children’s intellectual, social, physical and emotional improvement. Designed by architect and designer David Rockwell and the Rockwell Group, Imagination Playground enables youngsters to play, dream, build and discover endless possibilities. Imagination Playground finds its residence in daycare centers, kindergartens, elementary schools, children’s museums–and science, nature, discovery centers, camps, neighborhood centers, children’s hospitals, public parks and more–in North America and over 50 nations overseas. For more info, check out


4INFO Awarded U.S. Patent for Technology That Ties Mobile Devices to Household Locations

4INFO Awarded U.S. Patent for Technology That Ties Mobile Devices to Household Locations

San Mateo, California (PRWEB) August 20, 2014

4INFO — the fast-growing technology company solving the challenge of mobile attribution for national brand advertisers — today announced that it has been awarded patent No. 8,792,909 from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its technology that ties mobile devices to households. This technology is at the core of 4INFO’s AdHaven Bullseye flagship advertising platform that has tied 152 million mobile devices to 101 million U.S. households — without the need for cookies or probabilistic modeling across Wi-Fi signals.

“It’s been a significant investment of time and capital to make this unprecedented technology possible,” said Tim Jenkins, CEO of 4INFO. “Our core technology allows us to do what our competitors cannot. Because of our proprietary, proven method for accurately tying mobile devices to a unique household ID, national brand marketers are able to unlock repositories of frequent shopper, CRM, demographic and other third party data to precisely target relevant ad campaigns and measure results that matter most: sales lift at the cash register.”

4INFO’s patent relates to its systems and methods for associating a mobile device to a household. The patent describes how machine learning facilitates the clustering of latitude-longitude pairs received for a mobile device over time. This method organizes location data into clusters and allows 4INFO to match mobile devices, such as a mobile phone or tablet, to a household.

Unlike competing solutions that can only infer about ad targeting, 4INFO’s ability to match a mobile device to a household allows advertisers to know precisely which household they are targeting with their mobile ad campaigns. 4INFO’s precise targeting makes it possible to tie ad impressions to sales transaction data for true cross-channel attribution, enabling advertisers to measure the return on their mobile ad spend.

No other platform comes close to the level of precision and accuracy in targeting with the scalability that national brand advertisers need. Since the introduction of 4INFO’s AdHaven Bullseye platform in March 2013, 4INFO has powered more than 250 mobile advertising campaigns for more than 140 national brands with impressive accuracy and results: average sales increases of 7.5%, Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) averaging 382% and as high as 823%; and market share increases at the expense of competitors.

“This award from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is validation that 4INFO is bringing a truly innovative and unprecedented technology to the marketplace,” Jenkins said. “Ultimately the proof of the power of 4INFO’s core technology is in the results we’re able to deliver to national advertisers.”

4INFO has expanded its multiscreen targeting capabilities to enable advertisers to reach consumers with banner and video ad campaigns across desktop, laptop and mobile devices with the ability to attribute ad campaign sales results (in-store and online) down to the UPC level.

About 4INFO

4INFO is a fast-growing mobile technology company solving the mobile attribution challenge for national brand advertisers to measure the ROI that matters most: sales lift at the cash register. A privately held company, 4INFO’s brand ad revenue tripled in 2013 over 2012 — and continues to experience exponential growth. 4INFO’s patented mobile technology has tied 152 million mobile devices to 101 million U.S. households. 4INFO’s flagship product — AdHaven Bullseye — enables advertisers to target consumers with the same precision as online and direct mail advertising. AdHaven Bullseye anonymously matches mobile device data to household-level purchase data providing the ability to measure actual sales results from a mobile ad spend. Launched in March 2013, 4INFO’s AdHaven Bullseye has already powered mobile ad campaigns for more than 140 national brands with impressive accuracy and results: average sales increases of 7.5%, ROI averaging 382% and as high as 823%, and market share increases at the expense of competitors. 4INFO collaborates with the most trusted 3rd party data providers of purchase and lifestyle data — including Acxiom, Nielsen, and Nielsen Catalina Solutions. On the forefront of mobile innovation since 2004, 4INFO is headquartered in San Mateo, Calif., with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston. Learn more at

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