Image from page 165 of “The American railway its construction, improvement, management, and appliances” (1889)

Image from page 165 of “The American railway its construction, improvement, management, and appliances” (1889)

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Image from web page 165 of “The American railway its construction, development, management, and appliances” (1889)
precision parts engineering
Image by Web Archive Book Photos
Identifier: americanrailwayi00cool
Title: The American railway its construction, improvement, management, and appliances
Year: 1889 (1880s)
Authors: Cooley, Thomas McIntyre, 1824-1898 Clarke, Thomas Curtis, 1827-1901
Subjects: Railroads Railroads
Publisher: New York : C. Scribner’s sons
Contributing Library: University of California Libraries
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Text Appearing Ahead of Image:
^g- 34-—Camden &amp Amboy Locomotive, if

Text Appearing After Image:
THE CAB End OF A LOCOMOTIVE. – 131 exert a force on the piston equal to 38,175 pounds. This force isapphed alternately on every side of the piston, ten occasions in a second.The control of such forces requires mechanism which performs withthe utmost precision and with absolute certainty, and it is for thisreason that the speed and the economical operating- of a locomotivedepend so significantly on the proportions of the valves and the valve-gear by which the distribution of steam in the cylinders iscontrolled. The engraving (Fig. two)^^ on p. 133 represents the cab finish of alocomotive of the New York Central &amp Hudson River Railroad,looking forward from the tender, and shows the attachments bywhich the engineer works the engine.* This gives an notion ofthe number of keys on which he has to play in operating such amachine. There is room right here for little much more than an enumerationof the components which are numbered : 1. Engine-bell rope. 2. Train-bell rope. three. Train-bell or gong. 4. Lever for blowing whistle. 5. Ste

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Lumps of Clay – component four of 4
precision parts engineering
Image by andrewtoskin
a photo comic

words by Andrew Toskin writing as Niccolo Florence

photography by hikaru starr

Men and women have been worrying too considerably about ebola. How lengthy till you catch children?

Copyright 2014. This operate is published under a Inventive Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike four. International License. Meaning essentially that you are cost-free to copy and share this perform — provided you credit us as the source — but not sell it. We are open to the idea of allowing industrial use, although just ask us initial. Reposts and remixes of this operate ought to attribute Niccolo Florence and hikaru starr, and link to

Text and photos were composited with GIMP. Full-size JPEGs are here on Flickr.
You’ll also uncover the present source files, plus different exported file formats at
the Internet Archive.

Here’s the original comic script:

Panel 1: HIK_4769 edit.JPG — silhouetted household on the
beach, with pier and sunset.

@Title and Byline
&gt Lumps of Clay
words by Niccolo Florence
photography by hikaru starr

caption: I am no one’s father. (But?)

Panel two: IMG_0587.jpg — intense close-up on infant Ema’s face.

caption: But unless or till I succumb, it is my duty
to warn you that *youngsters are dangerous.* Keep away
from them whenever possible.

Panel 3: img_0811.jpg — Ema in a green hoodie in front of
one hundred dangling wooden placards.

caption: If you hear any pals or sexual partners talk about
how their “biological clocks are ticking,” leave the region
and wash your hands. If they *bring* any kids with them,
immediately evacuate all childless adults from the vicinity
and notify the regional authorities.

Panel 4: IMG_8976.jpg — Ema peeking about the bole of a
tree, with a creepy statue in the background.

caption: Most people are aware of the troubles children
can trigger, but many do not recognize the complete extent
of the danger, and so do not take sufficient
precautions. Fortunately, kids do come with a quantity
of warning indicators to ward off potential adult

Panel five: img_0276 roppongi edit.jpg — Ema’s face covered in red paint(?)

caption: Some of the greater recognized examples incorporate the
smells and noise…

Panel 6: HIK_1878.jpg — Ema standing on prime of a statue,
hunting down at us.

caption: Much less clear problems: They are also
codependent, irrational, evil creatures, unable to
negotiate or delay gratification. Anyone who shares a
household with a kid for lengthy will slave their days
away to slake ever-changing whims.

Panel 7: IMG_0452.jpg — Ema with a blue onesie over her
head. Most likely the cutest in the set.

caption: Kids are precision engineered to brainwash
you into loving them.

Panel 8: DSC_4229.jpg — Ema operating to a seesaw in a park.

caption: They will break your items, and break the
bank, and break your dreams, but practically nothing is worse than
the techniques they break your heart.

Panel 9: HIK_4865.jpg — Ema seen through a kaleidoscope.

caption: Kids are the most insidious of parasites:
The longer they stay with you, the deeper their
tendrils develop into you, cinching your ribs tighter and
tighter around your lungs, slithering into your
nervous method until you can scarcely believe about
anything else — and then they develop up and leave you.

Panel 10: HIK_0131.jpg — Ema at a shrine, pouring water
over one particular hand.

caption: And the hole they leave behind just bleeds and

Panel 11: HIK_9941.jpg — Ema wearing an auburn wig.

caption: This is the worst element of all, some thing that
even most in-patients who have tested good for
children may possibly not recognize for years.

Panel 12: HIK_9841.jpg — black and white Ema holding her
hand up to block the camera.

caption: Simply because you and your kid will drive each
other crazy. *Someone’s* life is receiving ruined, and
you will be terrified that it will not be yours.

caption: You will get in a stupid fight about creating the bed or
anything and you’ll both start off screaming and throwing
items, and next thing you know it hits me that I’m
becoming my mother, I’m perpetuating the cycle.

Panel 13: HIK_9310.jpg — Sick Ema in jacket and face mask.

caption: Young children are so fragile, so malleable. Soft
lumps of clay that mold to the contours of your hand
no matter how you try *not* to mold them.

caption: After all my mistakes, will she be okay? Will
she grow up all appropriate?

Panel 14: IMG_0567.jpg — singer with guitar and mic.

caption: Could the way she sings in the bathroom be a
sign that she’ll develop up to be a musician?

Panel 15: IMG_8976.JPG — A dancer.

caption: A dancer?

Panel 16: _HIK8727_014-2.jpg — model leaning over glass and handrail.

Panel 17: HIK_5078 raw edit.JPG — kabuki(?) performer on stage.

caption: Some sort of artist, surely.

Panel 18: HIK_1095.jpg — Ema, facing away from the camera.

caption: …Will she be pleased?

Panel 19: Huge, full-page shot. HIK_5285.JPG — Mysterious portrait of Ema
in a hat and daisy dress at evening, looking directly into the camera.

caption: …She isn’t even my daughter. I’ve only met
her once. But I currently adore her so considerably it hurts. I
be concerned possessing a kid of my own would *destroy* me.


Pin Vice & Reamers/Broaches for Watch and Clock Creating
precision parts engineering
Image by tudedude
For scale the upper big reamer is 7mm and not element of the watch/clock maker pack Macro

Redpoint Positioning Showcases Wearable Security Alert Method for Industrial Construction Sites

Cambridge, MA (PRWEB) April 28, 2015

Redpoint Positioning Corporation is demonstrating a new security alert solution for industrial building jobsites later this week at the BIMForum conference, Booth #three, in San Diego. According to OSHA statistics, contractors accounted for 17 % of all fatal worksite injuries in 2013, representing on average two deaths every single day. Redpoint has set a purpose to drastically enhance building jobsite security with genuine-time tracking and wearable technologies. With high precision actual-time place accuracy to inside 8” and a lightweight mesh infrastructure that can be battery powered for brief-term projects, Redpoint is revolutionizing employee safety options for the building market.


Redpoint’s innovative resolution enables affordable and easy deployment to boost jobsite security, even for quick-term projects. Redpoint RTLS (Actual Time Place Method) interfaces with BIM tools, enabling personnel to dynamically define hazardous places inside the model. When a worker enters 1 of these zones, Redpoint’s high-precision RTLS tag, embedded inside the security vest, will alert personnel through visual and audible indicators on the vest.


Redpoint’s RTLS platform is presently successfully deployed at pilot installations and will be demonstrated for the safety-zone-alert use at BIMForum 2015, Booth #3, in San Diego.


About Redpoint Positioning&#13

Redpoint Positioning, founded in 2010 in Cambridge, MA, is a pioneer in technology solutions for actual-time location solutions (RTLS) and navigation options. Redpoint’s patented RTLS supports mission-vital enterprise applications with the most precise and affordable true-time asset and people tracking technology. Redpoint’s founders constructed upon their decades of knowledge in wireless communication technologies to develop the world’s very first IEEE 802.15.4a compatible UWB-RTLS prototype, which led to building and launching the patented RTLS solutions the business delivers these days. In addition to its Cambridge, Mass-based headquarters, the company has sales and R&ampD offices in Boulder, Colorado, and Beijing, China. For far more details, please visit




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Mills Park Hotel Starts Construction with Superior Walls

Mills Park Hotel Starts Construction with Superior Walls

New Holland, PA (PRWEB) September 30, 2014

Construction started recently of the new Mills Park Hotel in Yellow Springs, Ohio with the installation of precast concrete wall panels from Superior Walls of East Tennessee. Designed by Axis Architecture, the 28-area hotel will rely on a Superior Walls Xi™ foundation technique for the 32,000-square foot structure, plus a four-story precast concrete elevator shaft.


    “I’ve effectively employed Superior Walls foundations for more than 20 years in my projects, so it made extreme sense for us to specify these energy-effective merchandise as part of Mills Park Hotel,” says Tedd Donnell, project architect and construction manager with Axis Architecture, Inc. in Yellow Springs, Ohio. “The trueness and squareness of the Superior Walls panels make the program installation easy on the jobsite. And, the thermal barrier inside the Xi technique is a main plus for the owners of the hotel.”


    The 3-story Victorian-style hotel is observed as a important addition to the Yellow Springs location and will property a restaurant, banquet hall and conference area. Scheduled for opening during the summer season of 2015, the hotel construction is becoming funded and spearheaded as a neighborhood project to aid the economy.


    “I have self-confidence that the Superior Walls foundation will serve this facility admirably for a lot of years to come,” says Donnell. “Starting the project with these precast concrete walls provides us a high good quality foundation in less time. These panels are environmentally-friendly and supply a sturdy, damp-free technique we can rely on.”


    The Superior Walls Xi foundation technique forms a concrete cavity wall panel with concrete studs at 24 inches on center, attached at the prime and bottom with bond beams. The whole assembly is faced with an integral concrete face shell. The wall is reinforced with rebar and polypropylene fibers offering added structural strength. In addition, the concrete studs are cast with holes for wiring and factory galvanized steel on each and every stud for interior finishing.


    Xi wall panels have 2.5 inches of DOW® Styrofoam™ added for the duration of the manufacturing method for warmth and energy efficiency. Almost every thing is insulated in the Xi panel, including corners, studs and bond beams. Particular engineering makes the wall thermally isolated and insulated from the exterior elements. This wall is monolithically poured (poured all at as soon as) with high-strength concrete for solid structural integrity and reinforced with steel rebar and polypropylene fibers.


    “I expect the identical exceptional outcomes for the Mills Park Hotel as I’ve received in the course of the past 20 years specifying Superior Walls goods for other projects,” says Donnell. “This reputable product is a winning resolution for both residential and industrial construction.”


Superior Walls goods are resource effective, making use of up to 70 % much less concrete in a new home than traditional foundations. The power-efficient walls help reduced power charges and minimize power leakage whilst offering elevated living space in a comfy setting. For specifics on Superior Walls merchandise, check out




Global and China Construction Gear Marketplace : New Research Evaluation and Forecasts 2017

Global and China Construction Gear Marketplace : New Research Evaluation and Forecasts 2017

Albany, New York (PRWEB) September 17, 2014

Selecting the most suitable variety and size of construction equipments is typically cited as getting considerable effects on the amount of time and vigor needed in completing a piece of construction. It is thus really essential for building planners and website supervisors to have a good understanding of the major kinds of construction equipment that are commonly employed in any basic construction project. Construction at different websites is a totally different matter when supplementary tasks in a construction project such as excavation, loading, drilling, blasting, compacting, grading, mixing, paving, lifting erecting, and so forth. are regarded as.


Take for instance the example of rock excavation. The degree of difficulty of this job largely depends on elements such as rock’s shape, grain size, weathering, planes of weakness, hardness and brittleness of the rock and so forth. These situations would be naturally distinct for different locations. So, it is really needed to have right expertise of all the unique gear and techniques involved in such tasks. When one particular says construction gear, the photos of giant cement mixers, tower cranes and bulldozers frequently make their presence felt at the back of our memory lanes.


Browse and Get this report, right here:


These are, however, only a couple of examples of the plentiful construction equipments identified and utilised worldwide. One could hardly think that even the difference of a few stories to a developing project demands the use of totally different crane or that two different sizes of drills are utilised for really distinct purposes. There’s a huge and demanding market for this industry globally and although ancient architectural giants were all possibly built without making use of any of these technically wise machines of this generation, the simplest piece of building right now is deemed incomplete without their availability.


We mention in the following listing some of the most common building equipment a single gets to see at any construction website. These machines, nevertheless, ought to not be regarded as as the only ones used. There are numerous more specific machines operating for more certain jobs around you, only you fail to recognize. &#13

Meanwhile, the most frequently utilised construction gear:

Cranes: Cranes are commonly utilized for lifting loads, putting them at acceptable positions and securing material for big building projects. Cranes are particularly useful at areas that are otherwise unfeasible for access. With the correct kind of combined crane and anchor in action, a building website is in a position to conduct a lot of activities with utter security and efficiency.


For further inquiries, ask right here:


Not to mention the distinct sizes and types of cranes that add a lot more efficiency for specific jobs. &#13

A crane is characterized by several attachments such as chains, wire ropes, sheaves, wire rope swings, and so on. These attachments should be rigged with utter care and precision to make sure maximum security at the workplace.


Excavator: Excavators are made for use in several uses in a building project. It is characterized by a cab mounted on a pivot and an articulated arm and a bucket. All excavators have buckets that can be customized to fit the certain require. The common locations exactly where 1 could observe the use of excavators contain digging trenches, landscaping, demolishing structures, mining, lifting piles, dredging rivers, cutting and heavy lifting. &#13

Hoists and lifts&#13
As the name suggests, these are employed for lifting loads and holding them in suspension although they can be moved to locations. The most generally utilized hoists consist of wipe rope hoist and chain hoists that consist of pulleys, slings, chains, winches and wipe ropes.&#13

Browse the complete post of this report:


Whilst making use of these equipments, it is needed to pick the suitable kind of parts to ensure a proper balance and secure movement of load. The a variety of sizes and types of the pieces of these gear are meant for distinct purposes.


Forklifts are generally utilised for lifting and transporting heavy material. As such, they are also named fork trucks or tow motors. They are crucial in handling and transporting heavy material safely and quickly to the preferred places. &#13

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