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Guangzhou Klarm Prototyping Ltd
16th Jiangcheng Road, Shiji Town
Panyu District, Guangzhou City
Guangdong Province
China 511450

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E-mail: prototype@klarmgroup.com
Website: www.precisiontype.com

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As a leading CNC prototype machine shop in China with 10 years history, we know how to support customers to produce or prove their designs with cost effective prototyping services in a rapid way.

Even though the days of holding prototypes together with a duct tape and bailing wire already past, the spirit of our prototyping endeavors are still the same. We can make nearly everything out of almost anything.

We use state-of-the-art CNC machines and seriously follow up all design specifications. Our company continually strive to improve and optimize the manufacturing processes and maximize clients' convenience.

Our clients cover a wide range of industries, from machinery to Engineering. Our factory is focused on quality and customer service all the time to dedicate to become the most reliable Chinese prototype machine shop for worldwide customers.


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As one of outstanding precision prototype machine shop in China, we regularly offer prototype manufacturing services for clients with existing products as well as customers developing a brand new product.

We will provide the correct combination of technology, experience, advanced machines and services to help clients to go through the complete manufacturing processes from design to finish.

Our team consisting of skillful Engineers, will deliver exceptional value-added services to global high-tech corporations to get them out of prototype production mistakes.