Precision Machined Parts

Precision machining is an efficient way to manufacture rapid prototype in China. As a leading rapid prototype China manufacturer, we can make high quality precision CNC machined parts in metals and plastics to serve a wide range of industries, such as automotive, motorcycle, medical devices, electronics, optical communication, sporting products, machinery, injection moulding, etc.

The CNC metal prototypes and machined plastic prototypes in China will be machined by diverse processes, mainly include CNC turning, CNC milling, wire EDM cutting, tapping, drilling, OD grinding, ID grinding, sinker EDM, CNC engraving, etc.

In a variety of steels can be used to produce metal prototypes, including stainless steel, copper, carbon steel, aluminium, titanium, nickel alloys, bronze, brass, 17-7 PH, etc.

The plastic prototypes can be manufactured in various materials, including ABS, Nylon, POM (Delrin), PC (polycarbonate), PEEK, PBT, PEI, PC+30%GF, PA+30%GF, Acrylic (PMMA), PP (polypropylene), PP+20%GF and more.


Injection Molds & Plastic Parts

Being one qualified rapid prototype Chinese factory, we could produce injection molded plastic prototype in a quick way from small batches to mass production to meet various requirements of customers.

Hundreds of thermoplastic resins like TPE, PE, Acetal, Ultem and options are available. Color options depend on clients: Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Brown, Medium Grey, Ultra Blue, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Black, White and more. Finish choices are many also: High Gloss, Matte, Standard, Smooth, Non-cosmetic, Mirror, Light Texture and Medium Texture.

With press sizes of moulds ranging from 20 tons to 1,000+ tons, we are able to mold the maximum part size up to 500x500x100mm. The standard tolerance of our molded parts is +/- 0.10mm, which fit most applications.

Except supplying low-cost plastic molded parts, our factory is capable to produce complete sets of injection moulds for clients to run in their own countries, which are fully produced according to tooling standards of western countries.


Die Casting Tooling & Parts

As a reliable rapid prototype China supplier, we also supply high quality die casted steel prototypes in numerous materials by quick pressure casting process at low costs.

Aluminium die-casting is the best option for strong, complicated and lightweight parts. Zinc die casting is mainly applied for very ductile products that probably require plating on surface. Magnesium die-casting is used for light-weight products which need a great strength-to-weight ratio in most cases.

Based on the different surface finish clients request, parts could be Anodized, Painted, Plated, Polished, Post Machining, Powder Coated or Sand-blasted in various colors.

In addition to producing die casted parts at competitive prices, we can also make ready-to-run die-casting tooling for customers in case that they might need to mold products in other places.


Sheet Metal Fabricated Parts

Being an outstanding China rapid prototype producer, our facility could make fabricated sheet metal prototype in the fastest way by laser cutting, bending, punching and auto welding for companies which need sheet steel components for their new products.

The material thickness will range from 0.02 to 10mm. The parts with size no bigger than 900x900x150mm could been bent by our machines.

The general tolerance that we can reach is +/-0.1mm for every cutting, bending or punching feature of most parts.

In general, clients will get the required sheet steel parts in a prototype assembly in 4 to 9 working days.