Chinese firm unveils passenger drone prototype

Chinese firm unveils passenger drone prototype
Forget self-driving cars. So 2015. Now a Chinese company is establishing drones that will carry humans. Drone-maker Ehang has constructed a prototype of a tiny, individual helicopter capable of carrying a single passenger – resembling a giant, remote manage&nbsp…
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Vietnam Reveals New Drone for Patrolling the South China Sea
Vietnam revealed its biggest indigenous high-altitude extended endurance unmanned aerial automobile (UAV) this December, IHS Jane&#39s Defense Weekly reports. According to neighborhood media reports, the prototype was completed at the beginning of November and will&nbsp…
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China Has Began Building the J-20 Stealth Fighter
China developed the J-20 at a positively breakneck pace by the regular of bring a new warplane to bear. The aircraft very first flew in January 2011, and by November 2015 the eighth prototype had been flown. By comparison, It took the U.S.—which actually …
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