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A few nice precision milling machined parts images I found:

Box of Goodies

Image by tudedude
Kit of parts for conversion of Mini Mill from Gear to Belt Drive

Image from page 329 of “Appleton’s dictionary of machines, mechanics, engine-work, and engineering” (1861)

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Identifier: appletonsdiction02appl
Title: Appleton’s dictionary of machines, mechanics, engine-work, and engineering
Year: 1861 (1860s)
Authors: Appleton, firm, publishers, New York. (1852, D. Appleton & Co.)
Subjects: Mechanical engineering
Publisher: New York : D. Appleton

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hen the whole system is in equilibrio, the index b o is at zero of thearc M N. With a view to a perfect adjustment of the index, the water-vessel q is supported in a ringof brass at the extremity of a rod q, movable in a tube k, Fig. 2700: this tube is attached to a slidingpiece b h, acted on by a milled head at h and a screw within the cylinder, which is fixed to the stageA B, so that the water-vessel may be easily raised or depressed by a small quantity, and thus the indexbe regulated to zero of the arc with the greatest precision; for it is evident, by the construction of theinstrument, that the position of the index will depend on the greater or less immersion of the cylindricalcounterpoise a u, the weight of which being once adjusted to a given line of immersion, and a givenposition of the wheel W and index O, any elevation or depression of the water-vessel q must necessarilymove the wheel. The counterpoise aw is about 1-J inch in length and full 3 of an inch in diameter: a 2699.

Text Appearing After Image:
small ball of lead is attached to its lowest part, in order to give it a sufficient immersion, and at the Phil. Trans, for 1792, p. 86. MAGNET—MAGNETISM. 321 same time balance the iron cylinder t when the float is about half immersed in the water. With a viewto a final regulation of the weight, a small hemispherical cup a is fixed on the head of the counterpoisefor the reception of any further small weights required. This counterpoise is accurately turned out offine-grained mahogany, and is freed from grease or varnish of any kind, so as to admit of its becomingeasily wetted in the water. The column A E supporting the stage A B consists of two tubes of brass, one, G, movable withinthe other, E C, so that by a rack on the sliding-tube G, and a pinion on the fixed tube at C, the wholeof the parts just described may be raised or lowered through given distances, as shown by a dividedscale G, adjustable to any point by means of a slide and groove in the movable tube G. The brasstubes com

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