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Go By Streetcar Part II

Image by Ian Sane
My meals cart picture was shot throughout the extended trek to my automobile for a lens trade. Why switch lenses? Because my program was to shoot this. I had wanted to do a night photo shoot of this comp for months and I finally decided it was time. So, I turned in the 50mm and 100-400mm glass for my 17-40 and Fisheye. This was shot with the 17-40. I will post the Fisheye version at a later time.

Shooting a night scene that requires street traffic is fairly different in that one particular must play the waiting game: waiting for darkness to fall (I sat in Starbucks for nearly an hour), waiting for adequate traffic flow so the shot will look intriguing, waiting for folks to get out of the way even although a long exposure can remove “most” of the annoying pedestrians (or at least turn them into ghosts). Then there are the evening scenes that involve public transportation like a bus or streetcar. That is when you turn out to be slave to the schedule of that specific route. In a nut shell: if you don’t get it appropriate at six:15 PM your next attempt will be at six:35 PM.

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Skåne – Turning Torso

Image by Olof S
Developed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, this constructing is primarily based on a sculpture named Twisting Torso. The tower has nine 5-story cubes and a total of 149 apartments. You can´t go to the creating unless you hire the conference component at the best. The hight is 190 m.

Subaru SVX Driver side headlight

Image by G A R N E T