Day 104 – C is for Pc

Some cool cnc engineering photos:

Day 104 – C is for Pc
cnc engineering
Image by Dave77459
My function and interests have revolved around computer systems practically all my life. Since playing with the school’s TRS-80 in 1980 ’til right now, I have been around, inside, and out of computer systems.

My family bought a VIC 20 very early, then a Commodore-64 for Christmas ’82. I began programming it in Standard, but quickly I moved on to 6502 assembly language. In 1983, I got a Timex Sinclair 1000, and I spent nights and late nights finding out z80 assembler.

By day, I played with the earliest IBM PCs at MSU. I chanced to find a C compiler, and taught myself K &amp R C. I also excelled in FORTRAN mine was the last class to find out by using punch cards. Soon after that, they utilised amber terminals to run the Cyber 750 mainframe.

By the time I got into grad college, I knew much more about programming than any other student in Civil Engineering at MSU. I became well-known for altering the statistical evaluation package, by adding the potential to save and restore information! Believe it or not, till I made the change, each one particular re-keyed their information sets. In a glimpse of my future goodness, I let my fellow students use my version (rather than taking benefit of the enhanced program at their expense).

I could go on and on. As an engineer, I’ve usually utilized computers. I’ve written regional travel demand models (e.g., predicting all the site visitors in 2020 for the Washington DC region), written airport simulations, carried out contract programming of embedded systems, been the IT guy, and even accomplished classified stuff that I nevertheless cannot truly speak about (for a time, I was export controlled).

Hell, I had an email address before making use of an @ sign was frequent. Any individual else right here keep in mind UUCP-style addresses? dave!cnc!uunet … ahh, the poor old days.

I guess by now you realize that computer systems have played a big part in my life.

This is my one particular hundred fourth photo for 365 Days and my third photo for An Alphabet of Life.

three March 2007


This photo was inspired by C├ęcile’s My sleepless nights in Tokyo. I am gonna try once more for a better work.

Meanwhile, this a single produced a couple technical challenges. 1st, how do I let you know that the glow is from the pc? Just shooting the personal computer would glow my face, but the laptop would be entirely dark. The other challenge in shots like this is how to get the camera to concentrate on my face in truly dim light. I solved both with a book light.

I shined the book light on my face to concentrate, and employed the 2 second delay on my IR remote. When the warning light came on the camera confirming a concentrate, I slid the book light beneath the table and shone it up via a mylar sheet to illuminate the laptop. I attempted utilizing my halogen lamp to bottom light, but it is far too vibrant.

Behind the scenes photographs right here and here (adjacent in my stream).

I am positive a person could excellent this shot, but meanwhile I am proud of it.