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Image from page 318 of “Railway mechanical engineer” (1916)
mechanical engineering china
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Identifier: railwaymechanica96newy
Title: Railway mechanical engineer
Year: 1916 (1910s)
Subjects: Railroad engineering Engineering Railroads Railroad automobiles
Publisher: New York, N.Y. : Simmons-Boardman Pub. Co
Contributing Library: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
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n referred to, the Board of Communication rec-ommended an extension to Suiyuan. This undertakingreceived imjjerial sanction in 1909 and building wascommenced in the following year. The length of the secondsection is 2J5 miles. This, as nicely as all other imi)ortantlines in China, is of the common gage, four ft. XJj in. The line runs along the west wall of Pekin and then ina northwesterly direction to Nankow, passing over the WestHills via Nankow Pass, to Kaigan and thence to Fengchcuand Suiyuan. The principal rail connections are at Fengtaiwith the Pekin-Mukden and Pekin-Hankow lines, .hout7.S per cent of the income received is from freight and thebalance from jiassenger visitors. Tlie heaviest movementsare toward Pekin and Fengtai. Fair grades were obtainedfor tlie line witli the cxcejjtion of the portion more than the WestHills, at which point there is a grade of ,S..S3 per cent,11 miles long with uncom])ensated curves (jf 600 ft. radius.ibis grade ((lUrcIs tlie nidvenuiit nf tr.iffn.

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Mik.ido Lor.omotlvc U»ctl on Level Section* 305 306 RAILWAY MECHANICAL ENGINEER Vol. 96, No. 6 Table of Dimensions, Weights and Proportions Cylinders, higher pressure 24 in. by 28 in. Cylinders, low pressure 38 in. by 28 in. Valves and valve setting: … , Kind and size, H.P Piston 14 in., single ported Type and size, L.P Piston 16 in., double ported Maximum travel H.P. 6A in., L.P. 6 in. Outside lap HP^ 1 in,, LP- !^ !• ExhLust clearance H.P. ■4 in., L.P. A in. Lead in complete gear H.P. H in., L.P. A in. Weights in worTv-ing order: On drivers ^S?™ r On front truck S^°2 ^ On trailing truck 29.000 b. Total engine 446,000 b. Tender 192.700 lb. Wteel base: Driving, every single engine i j &lt 11 Total engine L c Total engine and tender 85 It. six in. Wheels, diameter outdoors tires: Driving Front and trailing truck Tender Journals, diameter and length: . , ., • Driving, primary 10 .in. by 12 m. Driving, other individuals 9 in. by 12 in. Front and trailing truck 6 in. by 1-i in. Variety ^%Vn lb Steam press

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Jianwai SOHO 24
mechanical engineering china
Image by tom$
location: Beijing, China
principal use: several dwelling, shop, workplace, sport club, preschool
site location: 122,775 sq meters
developing location: 34,823 sq meters
total floor region: 504,237 sq meters
structure: reinforced concrete, partly steel frame
quantity of stories: two basements and 31 stories
architects: Riken Yamamoto &amp Field Shop, C+A, MIKAN, Beijing New Era Architectural Design and style, Beijing Dongfang Huatai Architectural &amp Engineering
structural engineers: Plus One Structural Des. &amp Eng. Firm
mechanical engineers: Kankyo Engineering
interior designers / furniture designers: Yasuo Kondo Design
sign designers: Hiromura Design and style Office