INCOMING! (MAAWS Firing Using Trans-Clear M2HB Components)

Some cool custom machined components pictures:

INCOMING! (MAAWS Firing Employing Trans-Clear M2HB Parts)

Image by enigmabadger
As conceived by PincerCommander, just a fast demonstration that you can obtain a neat &quotjust fired&quot impact with the BrickArms MAAWS employing some trans-clear M2HB parts, namely the barrel and connector.

There is also an extra M2HB barrel inside the MAAWS for a far more strong connection amongst the M2HB connector piece and the MAAWS.

Ed “Large Daddy” Roth’s original Mysterion

Image by ATOMIC Hot Links
Circa 1964 Scan from my book , Automobile Customizing

The Mysterion frustrated Big Daddy with it falling apart although riding in his trailer between shows. Roth finished it in late 1963, showed it for most of 1964. At this point he got fed up with it falling apart . It really is stated that late in ’64 Big Daddy really pushed it off his trailer somewhere in Tulsa, Oklahoma . A buddy of his mentioned that Huge Daddy’s source of aggravation was that due to it’s weight and chrome plating and some inferior welds the frame kept cracking. I heard the trailer was stolen and only components of the vehicle showed up in a barn. Who out there in the Flickr-verse knows the genuine story? Regardless of the issues she was a function of art. Also did it ever run beneath it is owen energy? I was told it did, is this correct? and where were the radiators for the cooling program located? Or was it like some of the old over the best seeking show cars that had engines with no moving components, just Trophy Hounds that have been Trailer Queens?

Basement of the Petersen Meuseum (Boot Hill Express)

Image by ATOMIC Hot Links
Fellow Flickrite corbettclassics told me the Boot Hill Express (designed by Ray Farhner) was down in the basement at the Petersen Museum AND HE WAS Proper!!! This is my favorite model vehicle from Monogram and now a childhood dream came correct I got to touch it and take photos of the actual horse-drawn hearse(now hot rod) of the mid-1800s era. I asked this guy that worked there if it was genuinely in their basement, He stated , &quot Confident is, you wanna see it?……. WOW so right here are the photos of whats in the basement. If you join as a Petersen museum member you get access to the basement on specific occasions.

With an old West concept in thoughts, an old hearse gives a most uncommon basis for a show automobile. Initially a horse-drawn hearse of the mid-1800s era, the &quotExpress&quot was built by Cunningham of New York. The coach physique with its stunning ancient carriage styling and black velvet curtains has been beautifully reproduced in this fine model.

The interior is totally detailed like even the wood grain floor and coffin rollers. Mounted inside is a full 500 horse Hilborn injected Hemi engine with many plated parts. Extended plated intake stacks protrude via the roof adorned with six carved ornaments, and physique-length plated exhaust headers run under the body.

The one particular-piece frame mounts a plated ’48 Ford study finish and a plated CAE straight tube axle up front. Wheels are American mags, steering arrangement is a slightly altered ’63 VW topped by a model ‘T’ steering wheel. Moon hydraulic throttle, push-button transmission and Stewart Warner instruments finish off the power pack. The seat and backboard are diamond tuffed. This kind of upholstery was fairly usually employed on old carriages such as the hearse. The unusual brass headlamps and tail lamps on the actual auto are relics from India.