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LED Stick “housing”

Image by mayhem
Making use of a 2m piece of aluminium stock and five 3D-printed components, I’ve produced a basic, stand for it. This is probably the indoor version and I’ll construct a sturdier foot for playa use.

MakeBlock Constructor I – The 400-Piece DIY 3D Printer Kit
make-four The do-it-oneself (DIY) movement, has several intersections with that of the 3D printing space. A huge portion of those who own desktop 3D printers are clearly interested in DIY projects. Soon after all, when you 3D print anything, you are involved …
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CreatorBot – the ultra light transportable 3D printer
“Yes, the product and all of the parts like wheels, hot end, aluminum profiles etc will all be available for sale on the internet site (charges apply for international shipping). We are also preparing to place up several tutorials and projects on the web site …
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