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Delcam&#39s PowerMILL supports new additive/subtractive service from Star Prototype
AddSub Manufacturing, as Star Prototype calls it, combines metal 3D printing and 5-axis CNC machining to produce complex, low-volume elements that would otherwise demand the input of two separate firms. … Star Prototype British-owned Star …
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What&#39s subsequent for Apple?
The following is a script from &quotInside Apple&quot which aired on Dec. 20, 2015. Charlie Rose is the correspondent. Michael Radutzky, Andrew Bast and Glen Rochkind, producers. Apple is one of the most intriguing company stories in generations and it finds …
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BR entrepreneur hopes custom-fitted clubs score with consumers
Fry started the lengthy approach of prototyping the clubs while nevertheless in LSU law college. … It took 4 years of prototyping just before Fry knew his notion would function. Back in … The heads, which weigh about 30 % much less than common, are made in China.
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