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ATSC three. DTV Common Gets Far East &#39Test Drive&#39
SHANGHAI, CHINA —History was created right here last month as a multinational group of tv engineers gathered to carry out systems compatibility testing of the ATSC 3. digital Television regular. The event, officially dubbed “Plug Fest 2015,” was hosted by …
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Huawei, Telefónica sign 5G improvement deal
Chinese details and communications technology provider Huawei and Spanish telecommunications firm Telefónica have signed a strategic Memorandum of Understanding to concentrate on the improvement of “5G” technologies. Based on the MoU, which was&nbsp…
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two Years Later, Right here&#39s What Happened to Bill Gates&#39 Condoms of the Future
His firm created a successful prototype, McGlothlin mentioned, but can&#39t move forward with receiving it to industry unless someone funds it in a &quotvery significant sort of way&quot — far more income than the Gates Foundation can give, unfortunately, even if McGlothlin …
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