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China Is Abruptly a Top Exporter of Armed Drones
Only a handful of nations in addition to the U.S. and China at the moment manufacture committed armed drones. Moreover … Though still a proof-of-concept prototype, the Lijian first flew in 2013 and could be the precursor to a family members of Chinese stealth …
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2016 CES takeaway | By Les Spielman
… you really don&#39t have to go anyplace to perform, purchase stuff, order dinner or touch the outdoors planet. But nevertheless, the design and style, the sex appeal gets a guy&#39s motor runnin&#39. Faraday Future, the Chinese electric vehicle organization, kicked issues off by displaying their …
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Nuclear News Roundup for 01/17/16
The move comes just days after China Basic Nuclear (CGN) stated it will build a prototype offshore plant by 2020. CGN announced (next … The Chinese firm said it is also functioning on the ACPR100 modest reactor for use on land. This reactor will have …
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