Lm Vertical Roller Milling Machine Functions And Technology

LM vertical roller milling machine attributes and technologies
Many types of raw material grinding equipment, from the total in the kind of point of view, can be divided into ball mill and vertical roller mill. View of the ball mill energy consumption shown critical, developing issue of upkeep and complicated, large vertical roller mill decision of a new direction.
Vertical roller mill is the cement sector, coal, electricity and other departments broadly utilised as a milling machine equipment. With a modest footprint, low energy consumption, noise, approach straightforward, compact layout, centralized pieces, drying, grinding, the powder as one particular of the advantages of a modern day cement raw material grinding device of choice. Improvement of the world’s initial vertical roller mill is the Federal German Loesche (Loesche) firm in 1925 to have a a lot more mature design and style. Via continuous development and improvement, and the most significant LM63.4, production reached 840t / h, disc diameter of six.3m, installed energy of 5600kW, the four rollers.
With the involvement of cement production line in China more and a lot more enterprises, vertical roller milling machines and other technologies in China gradually catch up with the world advanced level. At present, advanced technologies, vertical roller mill machine manufacturer Machinery Co., Ltd. Shanghai World production is also a state that LM vertical roller milling machine, while the Shanghai World states in the production process far more interest to client feedback and item overall performance.
Right after a extended-term improvement, the Shanghai Planet State Machinery Co., Ltd. Consolidated other vertical roller mill gear design and style LM vertical roller mill, compared with other grinding equipment, vertical roller mill has the following features.

1. The grinding efficiency, the use of material bed crushing squeeze principle, the material in the milling machine by rolling, shear, effect impact. Mill pulverized material can flow out in time to stay away from more than-grinding, the material in the mill residence time is usually 2-4rain, ball mill grinding efficiency is 165%, power consumption can be lowered about 30%.
two. Drying efficiency, hot air jet from the annular slit men and women, higher wind speed, a large section of the mill ventilation, the resistance is little, kiln preheater using waste gas can be dried material moisture content material of eight%, if water can be drying stove 15% to 20% of the material.
three. Grinding particle size had been huge, normally up to five% of roller diameter, particle size up to large weary 150 ~ 200mm, gear technologies, superior efficiency, single yield, higher price of equipment operation, metal wear and tear than the reduce ball .
four. Grinding materials, adaptability, can be utilised for grinding a variety of raw fuel, such as limestone, sandstone (Si02&gt 90%), coal, cement clinker, blast furnace slag. Regardless of grindability, how diverse abrasive, by mill and affordable operation of internal restructuring, can make diverse fineness, diverse specific surface location of the certified products.
5. The approach is easy, compact layout, routine upkeep costs low, open-air settings, investment in infrastructure is about 70% of the ball mill.
six. The all round efficiency sealed, dust, low noise and environmental advantages.
7. Item top quality control rapidly, adjust the solution versatile and simple to accomplish operational intelligence, automation.
8. The disadvantage is not appropriate for vertical roller mill grinding hard and abrasive materials, a big, worn parts costly than the ball, but they replaced the ball mill, elevator, separator and other equipment compared to the total quantity of upkeep is still appears to sustain a simple, easy and modest quantity of operate.

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