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Porsche 917K, Martini & Rossi, silver paint scheme, starbord aft corner

Image by wbaiv
Now here’s what is Sooo Coooool about the Porsche Renn Sport Reunion. In this frame we see what looks like an original tread pattern back tire… just like the 2nd series Vehicles in Profile book endpaper. You can also see it marked &quotAV&quot as in &quotAVON&quot.

Right here we see a heavily finned cast transmission cover, gray-primered exhaust pipes. (note trumpet shapes, they are wider at the outlet), possibly resonance tuned. The welded tube frame (Steel? Aluminum?) is painted an off-black well-liked with automobile makers. The sheet aluminum luggage case above and behind the brake and turn signal, and the bracket supporting the light, are sloppily painted in a more gray and significantly less black version of the very same paint.
Genuinely worth note are the aluminum finish on the brake caliper, black oxide socket cap screws holding the caliper. The rear upright could be cast or fabricated , its painted dark gray. I’d say the spring is bare titanium and the rear axle / drive shaft is titanium (nitride?) a hardened surface.
Yet another bare aluminum bit, upper link to the rear hub carrier. The coil-more than shock setup looks like its anchored to the frame at the best. to the reduce hyperlink at the bottom.

Note that the hardcore racers in no way painted the fiberglass duct that blows cold air onto the transmission, OR the underside of the engine cover. The edges of the cover are flanged for stiffness, and painted.

Behind the bottom edge of the cold air duct is the conical shift connection. Directly to the appropriate of that is a blue-wrapped hydraulic pipe connecting to the brake caliper. Crossing the blue pipe is a thin metal shaft with a ball joint at the bottom, connecting to the upright. I suspect it links to the rear anti-roll bar, and the bar itself is in there somewhere.
There is a bracket joining the two exhaust pipes and bolted to the back cover of the transmission. Is it folded aluminum? Folded steel? welded? Is it painted with aluminum paint, or bare? I could call the left side bare, the right side appears painted. Have to appear by means of the rest and see if I can function out what the actual finish is.

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