New ownership leading Penfield&#39s Nifty Bar Grinding

New ownership leading Penfield&#39s Nifty Bar Grinding
They became recognized for generating double-sided polished steel bars and machine parts. Today, the business prepares metal components for the automotive, food service, building and aerospace industries. Operations on Whitney Road have continued to place out&nbsp…
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Achtung! The Mauser Kar98k is superior to the Mosin Nagant
The rifle&#39s receiver and bolt are each machined from steel billets, and the weapon feels like it could survive one more World War. Although this over-built … to standardize these rifles. This is why capture models consist of a mix of mismatched …
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Paint, Patina, Or Powdercoat?
Paint is the most typical surface finish for vehicles and their components, but that doesn&#39t imply it&#39s often the ideal. There are dozens of other choices you can pick to coat your craftsmanship. Traditionally, painting a auto with a unique colour scheme was …
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