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Experiment: reversed lens shot

Image by Sergei Golyshev gone browsing for jerboa
Holding Helios-44-2 50 mm prime lens reversed in front of Canon EF-S 60 mm macro yields nice 2x magnification, heavy vingetting, extremely shallow DoF and understanding of image stabilization. Worth attempting… When.

Brass components from Gujarat shine in China
AHMEDABAD: The ceramic industry may well be not undertaking nicely, but the brass components business in Jamnagar has a reason to cheer – this business has its share in the Chinese marketplace. Brass door fittings and electronic components like screws of switches are amongst …
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The Obama-Military Divide
Odierno did not specify that the ground forces required to be American, but he said an air campaign alone can’t defeat the jihadists occupying big components of Iraq and Syria. Retired senior officers speak with greater candor. James Mattis, the retired …
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Big Events, Huge Risks: Lessons From Brazil&#39s Globe Cup
Early preparation and preparing can overcome several of these obstacles, but when it gets down to brass tacks, the recipe for achievement calls for each significant occasion and local local experience. Significant occasion knowledge guarantees a thorough appreciation of … Those …
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