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Feb 2007 Prototype three.three

Image by SkipSteuart
This hodgepodge of cameras, epoxy, and even duct tape was was utilised to develop 3D scanning application. Right after the study (late 2007) it was dissasembled and 7 of the 8 Canon 5Ds (I kept 1 =:-) had been sold on E-bay. A much improved Prototype 4B with ten custom cameras and lenses will permit a new phase of development in early 2009.

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Relonch plans accessory camera for punchy iPhone portraits
Shown here is a nonworking engineering prototype. Stephen Shankland/CNET. COLOGNE, Germany — Apple&#39s iPhone has played a leading role advancing mobile-phone photography, but a startup called Relonch Camera hopes its $ 500 accessory will push&nbsp…
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With this factor strapped on, even you could run a 4-minute mile
Enter Arizona State University engineering student Jason Kerestes and his 4MM (4 Minute Mile) project, which provides runners the speed boosts they need to get to 15 mph by attaching a jetpack to their decrease backs for instant thrust. Due to the fact Kerestes …
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SPYSHOTS: Qoros SUV prototype spotted testing
Chinese-Israeli auto manufacturer, Qoros, has a mystery new SUV in the works. Spotted testing in Europe, the prototype provides almost absolutely nothing away as it is heavily camouflaged, but what we can possibly gather is that the new SUV is possibly primarily based on the&nbsp…
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