Steam power

Verify out these machined components needed pictures:

Steam energy

Image by National Library of Ireland on The Commons
Work on construction of a new railway cutting in Waterford. This photo was commissioned by a Mr Cuthbert, perhaps of Gracedieu, Waterford.

Fascinating juxtaposition of old and new technologies – horse versus steam energy. We asked if any individual had a name for the infernal machine, and got Steam Excavator Crane Navvy Steam Shovel Navvy Steam Navvy… Thanks to absolutely everyone who commented beneath!

Marra Man created this observation:
&quotExciting shot of Irish Navvies on property soil. They are so often connected with everyone elses railway projects at that time in history. An unusual crude set of points in the foreground too I guess the length of rail behind the shovel could be placed to permit the muck wagon to be swapped to the other track by horse energy with no the need for a standard set of points.&quot

Thanks to desmondg47 for telling us:
&quotThe Terminus of the Waterford Cork railway line was in Waterford South Station in Bilberry until a new railway bridge was built across the Suir c1905 which meant the terminus could be transferred to the Waterford North Station (the present Waterford Railway Station). The cutting at Gracedieu was essential to redirect the line across the new bridge despite the fact that the old line into Bilberry was in existence until 1970 and is now element of the Waterford/ Kilmeaden tourist railway.&quot

Date: Tuesday, 29 August 1905

NLI Ref.: P_WP_1494

Wheel Of Fortune

Image by Âtin
For those lovely days when you just need to have to take a joyride. Created by Mr. Fredrick. My entry for the steam punk contest in the Lego contest network.
Anticipate a dio soon :