Studying to operate a cutting machine, these two NYA workers receive education to match them for critical function, Corpus Christi, Texas. Right after eight weeks they will be eligible for civil service jobs at the Naval Air Base (LOC)

A couple of good machined metal parts images I identified:

Understanding to work a cutting machine, these two NYA personnel obtain training to fit them for essential work, Corpus Christi, Texas. After eight weeks they will be eligible for civil service jobs at the Naval Air Base (LOC)

Image by The Library of Congress
Hollem, Howard R.,, photographer.

Studying to function a cutting machine, these two NYA personnel acquire training to fit them for essential work, Corpus Christi, Texas. Following eight weeks they will be eligible for civil service jobs at the Naval Air Base

1942 August

1 transparency : color.

Title from FSA or OWI agency caption.
Transfer from U.S. Office of War Info, 1944.

United States.–Navy
Airplane sector
Planet War, 1939-1945
Civil service
Air bases
United States–Texas–Corpus Christi

Format: Transparencies–Colour

Rights Information: No recognized restrictions on publication.

Repository: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. 20540 USA,

Portion Of: Farm Safety Administration – Workplace of War Information Collection 12002-18 (DLC) 93845501

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Get in touch with Quantity: LC-USW36-53

1911 Avery 40-120 HP Steam Traction Engine (at the Buckley Old Engine Show) [BOES two/9]

Image by jimflix!
Self-propelled steam-powered traction engine (steam tractor) built in 1911 by the Avery Business in Peoria, Illinois.

Some history: This was a single of the most uncommon traction engines of the day. With its renowned under-mounted engine, looking more like a railway locomotive than a standard steam traction engine, it attracted a lot of focus when it hit the agricultural market place in the early 20th century. The giant 40 HP model (above) could pull massive gang plows by means of tough prairie sod.

The Avery below-mounted engine was excellent for other jobs in addition to plowing. “Is it plowing, seeding, shelling, sawing, ensilage cutting, grain hauling, road grading, residence moving or other operate? No matter what the function is we can supply you with the correct sort of an engine or tractor to do the perform,” mentioned the Avery Firm.

For far more information about these Avery steam traction engines, see this report. Right here are a handful of quick videos of this running and operating at the show: video 1, video 2, video three.

Steam traction engines had been used in two ways:
1. “on the belt&quot utilizing the steam engine to power stationary farm machinery (such as a threshing machine) by signifies of a continuous leather belt driven by the flywheel.
2. &quoton the drawbar&quot as a steam tractor pulling heavy loads, specifically plowing a fields. A 65 to 85 horsepower engine with an eight furrow plow could plow 25 to 35 acres in day, compared to about a single acre a day by horse.

The smaller horsepower number, 40 HP in this case, is the &quoton the drawbar&quot pulling power of the tractor. The bigger quantity, 120 in this case, is the &quoton the belt&quot power of the engine at the flywheel.

Note that steam engines have some advantages more than internal combustion engines in that they have full torque all the way down to zero RPM. You can commence and quit the engine with the plow in the furrows with out shifting gears or even employing the clutch.

Back to the show: The steam tractors are probably the coolest issue at the show, and there are Several of them!

Taken at the annual Buckley Old Engine Show in Buckley, Michigan (on M-37 south of Traverse City). By the way, this is a single of the greatest run outside events I’ve ever attended! And it really is entertaining for the complete family. When was the final time you rode a train pulled by a true steam locomotive…?! And here’s The Buckley Old Engine Show song written by Kim Carson-Colley! The video offers you a taste of a bit of what’s there.

I left this quite massive so you can zoom in to see much more detail.

Quiz — see if you can uncover the two bull dogs. Hint: they are not true ones. This tractor is portion of Avery’s Bull Dog line with a &quotTeeth Speak&quot motto. Here’s the logo for this line, so that’s an additional clue.

(Click on image to view on black — appears better.)