World&#39s 1st 3D-Printed Bridge Paves Way to a New Era of Building

Planet&#39s 1st 3D-Printed Bridge Paves Way to a New Era of Building
The romantic, old-Europe charm of Amsterdam has been a treat to tourists all more than the globe who rush to this serene and bicycle obsessed city. Beyond the canals and 17th century architecture straight out of a fairy tale, the city is also well-known for its&nbsp…
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Swan receives Member of the Year award
The cause was that Alison Swan, owner of Canterbury, a lady whose life has touched so several right here in Hot Springs because 2006, when the shop opened, had gone into hospice care on Regional Well being&#39s Hospice Home on Elk Street in Rapid City, … In June of …
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Medellin, is 1 of numerous cities to function in the report published by the
The cities of the future need to do much more to integrate new technologies inside public solutions if they are to remain competitive and maintain pace with urban population growth equivalent to the combined existing populations of India and China, according to a …
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NASA is building the world's first 3D–printed space cameras

NASA is building the world's first 3Dprinted space cameras

Subtractive vs Additive Processes

Image by Đ…olo
CNC China Machining: start with a large solid block and remove material to create your part.
3D Printing/Rapid China Prototyping: create the part by binding loose material layer by layer.

Two great tastes that taste great together.

Machined aluminum brick from Bram, printed Alumide brick from me via Shapeways.

NASA is building the world's first 3Dprinted space cameras
Budinoff is also working on a way to build 3D-printed metal mirrors. Mirrors are crucial parts of telescopes, and it may be possible to create them with powdered aluminum. Aluminum is notoriously porous, which makes it difficult to polish. If Budinoff …
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NASA to 3D Print An Entire Space Telescope, Minus the Lenses
There will only be four 3D printed parts in Budinoff's telescope, however, these four parts, which were laser sintered from powdered aluminum and titanium, are replacing anywhere from 20-40 conventional parts. Additionally, the parts can be much more …

NASA engineer developing 3D printed space cameras
Specifically, a 3D printed 2- in. camera design involves the fabrication of four different pieces made from powdered aluminum and titanium, but a traditionally-manufactured camera would require between five and 10 times the number of parts. In addition …
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