Amputation and Surgical Set

Amputation and Surgical Set

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Amputation and Surgical Set

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Description(Physical Details): Amputation and surgical set with purple velvet lining and an exterior case with handle. Case contains 15 (fifteen) items: A bone trephine and its component detachable ebony handle, which attaches with a screw mechanism; two tenacula; a probe-pointed bistoury; amputation knives in three sizes; a Satterlee’s capital saw; a Wood’s circular knife; a tirefond; a tweezers; a trepanning elevator and rasp; and a tenotome.

Manufacturer: C. W. Snow; Shepard & Dudley; Collin

Date of Manufacture: 1840-1860


Collection: Medical Artifacts Collection

Reference URL:,126

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Senator Anthony Musto listens to Randall Fescoe from Bridgeport-based PEP Lacey during China Manufacturing & Technology Day at the Capitol. PEP Lacey is a medical-certified contract manufacturer of finished assemblies, subassemblies and precision components for medical device, commercial, and bearing markets. (May 15, 2013)

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