Self portrait – Ticking away

Self portrait – Ticking away

Check out these machined turned parts pictures:

Self portrait – Ticking away

Image by MattysFlicks
This is a composite image / photo illustration. It took about five hours to produce. I never want to turn back time, but I genuinely wish I had a time machine so I could go back and set up this scene a small far better.

To produce the photo I took four exposures of the scene with the clock, glass of water and lamp in order to get the look, color and reflections that I wanted for each and every portion of the scene. I set the clock to roughly eight and shot the clock on a slight angle. I made a mental note of the angles employed in the scene. Every little thing was set up underneath a window that the sun was shining into. I utilized a manilla file folder to reflect the sunlight back on to scene and get the lighting and reflections how I wanted them to look. I shot the scene with my Pentax k-30 with an SMC Pentax A 50mm 1.7 attached with the aperture set to f2 to attain a sharp photo with a shallow depth of field.

For the second component I set up a 6ft step ladder and ran a pair of handrails duct taped collectively from the ladder to my workbench and I created positive that angles I was setting up at were roughly the same as in the scene I had shot previously. I shot the second photo on a 12 second timer employing my pentax k-30 with a SMC Pentax 35mm three.five lens attached, I set the aperture to f8 or f11, so that I would not have a shallow depth of field. To light the second shot I placed two soft boxes side by side with a Yongnuo yn-460ii and a yn-560ii inside them, basicly forming a 4×3 foot soft box to mimic the lighting reflected by the manilla file folder in the preceding scene. I placed the side by side soft boxes to the front left of the camera directed them slightly downwards at the topic. Then I setup a white shoot through umbrella to the front appropriate of the camera about 3ft off the floor with a Minolta 4000 AF behind it to mimic the ambient light in the first scene. I triggered the strobes with a PT-04 trigger and receivers.

I took my images into photoshop and did some fancy/trendy editing/processing.

Antwerp – Spot Head Right here

Image by Shoes on Wires
Intimidating radiation machine found in the abandoned military hospital, Antwerp, Belgium.

Taken throughout my really very first urbex knowledge – my cherry – into Antwerp’s abandoned military hospital during my large &quotThings Fall Apart&quot tour of Western Europe in 2005 (following four years I have still not been in a position to discover out the actual name of this hospital – driving me crazy). I got locked inside this location twice, if you can believe it. The very first time in the evening as a storm was approaching, and I ended up possessing to wait inside an orthodox Hebrew principal college with two Polish cleaning ladies who told me (it turned out otherwise, thank god) that they (and I) have been locked inside the college till eight in the morning. The second time was the time this pic was taken. A wing of this hospital is still active, utilised for caring for WWII war vets, and the gate for the abandoned part is inside the gate for the active portion. I just walked in both gates early in the morning of Belgium’s national holiday, and returned to the inner gate a half hour later to verify on it and located it closed and locked. At some point I located a developing that bordered on the parking lot of the active wing, and identified the one particular window that wasn’t barred and was openable. A single of my proudest moments in life was not just bolting at that point. I turned about, went back into the depths of the complex, and finished my images for another couple of hours. Then I bolted. 🙂