This startup lets you develop bugs for meals, right in your personal kitchen

This startup lets you develop bugs for meals, proper in your personal kitchen
In 2015, Katharina Unger, 25, and Julia Kaisinger, 28, packed their bags and flew from their native Austria to Shenzhen, China&#39s electronics manufacturing hub, and formed a organization referred to as Livin Farms. Their flagship product—a counter leading … startups …
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How three-D Printing Will Make Manufacturing in America Wonderful Once again
AtFAB is a firm that makes Ikea-like furniture designs that can be sent to CNC routers, local machines that are the woodworking cousins of three-D printers. SyncFab is a 3-D printing network somewhat like 3D Hubs. Shapeways, CloudFab and other folks are&nbsp…
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