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Image from page 464 of “The inventions : researches and writing of Nikola Tesla, with unique reference to his work in polyphase currents and high prospective lighting” (1894)

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Title: The inventions : researches and writing of Nikola Tesla, with unique reference to his operate in polyphase currents and higher potential lighting
Year: 1894 (1890s)
Authors: Martin, Thomas Commerford, 1856-1924 Tesla, Nikola, 1856-1943
Subjects: Electric currents, Alternating Electric engineering
Publisher: New York : The Electrical Engineer
Contributing Library: Gerstein – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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interposed ( k, Ili. •JCi:.. i Itetwccn the point ./• and the A UXILIARY BR USE REG ULA TJOK. 445 auxiliary tjrush or brushes to divide the sensitiveness when thebrushes are adjusted. The acconipanjing sketches also illustrate improvements madeby Mr. Tesla in the meehanical devices utilized to impact the shift-ing of the ])rushes, in the use of an auxiliary bnish. Fig. 266 isan elevation of the regulator ^vith the frame partly in section and Fig. 267 is a section at the line xx, Fig. 266. c is the com-mutator B and b, the brush-holders, b carrying the mainbruslies a a , and b the auxiliary or shunt brushes h h. Theaxis of the brush-holder b is supported by two pivot-screws, 7 ^&gt.The other brush-holder, b, has a sleeve, rZ, and is movablearound the axis of tlie brush-holder b. In this way each brnsh-holders can turn very freely, the friction of the components beingreduced to a minimum. More than the brush-holders is mounted thesolenoid s, which rests upon a forked column, . This column

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Fig. 264. Fig. 265. also affords a support for the pivots jPjy, and is fastened upon asolid bracket or projection, p, which extends from the base ofthe machine, and is cast in one piece with the .exact same. Thebrush-holders b b are connected by means of the links e eand tlie cross-piece f to tlie iron core i, whicli sHdes freely in thetube T of the solenoid. The iron core 1 has a screw, .v, by implies&lt(f which it can be rai.-^cd and adjusted in its position rehitivelvto the soh-noid, so that the pull exerted upon it by the solenoidis practically uniform through the whole length of motion whichis recjuired to effect the regulation. In order to impact theadjustment with greater precision, the core 1 is supplied with asmall iron mtcw, .s. ]he core being tirst brought quite nearlyin the reiinind position reasonably to the st)lenoid by implies ofthe screw .v, the little screw .v is then adjusted until the magneticattraction upon the core is the same when the core is in any posi.lion. A eonyinient

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