Nice Fast Prototyping Expense pictures

Some cool rapid prototyping cost photos:

Universal stand-alone filament spool holder (Fully 3D-printable) – Print test parts 1st

Image by Inventive Tools
3D-print only what you want although testing!

As you currently realise this image is not the complete filament spool stand ( It shows a vital component and very best-practice associated to 3D-printing.

As with any product development one never knows precisely from begin how issues will match together.

Based on what 3D printer and settings you use, this spool stand will take a few hours to print. It is therefore unnecessary to 3D-print lengthy item iterations just to uncover out that you need to have to alter a portion of the whole style.

The 3D-prints shown in this image represent the parts of the model with fittings which we wanted to give a test-run ahead of we defined the final dimensions.

Therefore we cut away the smallest feasible volume surrounding the fittings and 3D-printed them in a fraction of the time which otherwise would have taken hours and hours to find out.

Right after measuring the benefits we could adjust the CAD-model correspondently and get perfect fittings when 3D-printing the final model.

This procedure is ideal for testing overhangs, fittings, critical dimensions, material consumption price, and so on.

So in other words…. do not waste time and filament! 🙂


Image by Ric e Ette
Image taken at the &quotMaker Faire 2008&quot (San Mateo, CA) – a collection of creative, weird, and sometimes useless (but often exciting) inventions, exhibits and art performances. Verify out the other photographs in this set.


The CandyFab Project is an open source work to create low-price three-dimensional strong freeform fabrication technologies for culinary, educational, and artistic purposes. We will show progress towards designing a new CandyFab hardware reference platform, constructed mostly from off-the-shelf parts.

Confeitos de açĂșcar produzidos por uma impressora 3D.

Foto tirada na &quotMaker Faire 2008&quot (em San Mateo, CalifĂłrnia) – uma feira repleta de criativas, supreendentes, e algumas vezes inĂșteis (mas sempre interessantes) invençÔes, mostras e exibiçÔes de arte. Confira as outras fotos deste ĂĄlbum.