Nice Horizontal Milling Machine photos

Verify out these horizontal milling machine photos:

Universal milling machine

Image by Elsie esq.
So named due to the fact of the additional gearbox and spindle enabling horizontal or vertical milling

K&T 2H War Finish label

Image by Darron Birgenheier
This is my Kearney &amp Trecker horizontal milling machine. It was produced throughout Planet War II, and was presumably utilized to create components for the war work.

The &quotWar Finish&quot mark was placed to indicate to any possible post-war consumers that this is not the usual level of cosmetic finishing that Kearney &amp Trecker would apply to their machines. The government ordered that no additional time be wasted on producing a machine tool pretty when there had been lives at stake.

This old mill has been sitting in my yard for fairly a couple of years, and is missing some parts, some of which had been sold to bring new life to other old K&ampT mills.

It will soon be scrapped, unless some intrepid parts scroungers save at least some relics from the aging derelict.