Nice Machined Aluminum Components photographs

A handful of nice machined aluminum parts photos I identified:

Proton Pack

Image by clarksworth
Practically completed as of April.

To go into overly nerdy detail, this is a replica of a single of the couple of &quothero&quot GB1 packs that survived getting utilized in each the initial and second films. The original packs had extensive detailing, as well as electrical and mechanical features. These heavy, bulky props were disliked by the actors (Murray specifically), and so had been largely replaced by considerably much less functional, sloppy fibreglass casts for the second film. Even though it really is difficult to spot on screen, the GB2-created packs have a considerably duller, significantly less detailed appearance and are somewhat &quotwonky&quot. The occasional GB1 surviving packs appear in closeup sequences. The GB1 packs initially sported a thick, distinctive ribbon cable whose supply is unknown. By the time of the second film (as nevertheless nowadays), this cable proved not possible to uncover, so was substituted by a more affordable option. The above prop reflects those modifications, as properly as approximates 5 years worth of wear – both fictional and accidental.