Nice Machining Engineering images

A few good machining engineering photos I discovered:


Image by The hills are alive*
If you’ve got the time go genuinely large. It is worth it.

Electronic sound effects you can make with the Science Fair

electronic bird
electronic cat
electronic bird with CdS
2 way electronic bird
chicken peeping
knocking noise
woodpecker sound
light controlled electronic harp
T-transistor toy organ
wireless electronic organ
light-music maker,
electronic metronome
electronic motorcycle noise
machine gun sound generator
sound effects generator
sleep inducer

Drilling for Terrestrial Heat

Image by Kecko
This mobile gear can drill to a maximum depth of 300 m. Now they go down to 165 meters. Lutzenberg, Switzerland, Oct 1, 2008.

Adjustable Reamer in Hand Chuck

Image by tudedude