2009 China International Auto Components Expo – Auto Parts – Filtration And Separation Sector

2009 China International Auto Components Expo – Auto Parts – Filtration And Separation Sector

Start time: 2009-09-24 End time: 2009-09-26 Venue: Beijing International Exhibition Center Speak to: Qiao Peizhen Get in touch with Telephone: 021-51696991 Sponsored by: The People’s Republic of China Ministry of Commerce, China Basic Technologies Group

Sponsor: Beijing New Capital Trade International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Overview : Chinese Ministry of Commerce held the only national and international following-market auto parts exhibition, trade, exchange and cooperation platform

Known international expert association, the popular Procurement Association, the leading international auto parts enterprises, global eight Transnational Automotive Group, China’s 18 autos carrying the brand, top technology, procurement and suppliers to participate fully in the activities fair .

CIAPE exhibitors cover the international auto components giants, covering China, Changchun, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Wuhan, Wuhu, Taizhou, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Hefei, Baoding, Liuzhou 12 big industrial base and the base of automotive organizations, covering All automotive goods chain in the Mainland Area. Buyers and developers will meet in one fell swoop and depth of get in touch with with the industry’s main suppliers and the most recent goods, but also find out and establish new channels for purchasing supplies.

Fair access to the Chinese company organizations at all levels of government, main organization associations, expert media and the common promotion agencies, details similar coverage of the leading professional exhibition. Concurrent and expert forum will be held Summit, the Chinese government officials, domestic and international specialist associations, universities, automotive sector specialists, the well-known CEO to keynote speeches on hot topics and talk about the newest market trends, its authority and guidance of thrilling

Expo will be the Chinese embassies and consulates in 150 nations, international expert associations, leading a lot more than 50 exhibitions and overseas promotion agencies and to assist in the direct recruitment of exhibitors and professional audience, so that fair access to a wider variety of international influence .

Exhibits: Auto Parts: Engine technique, chassis method, braking method, driving system, steering system, body and parts method, auto glass, electrical and electronic systems, exhaust systems, automotive air conditioning and cooling program, tires, car makers associated technology and gear, cars and other automotive supplies patented technologies and following-sales service:

A, Auto Electronics: Auto semiconductor, electronic components, sensors automobile stereo, car television, security alarm, auto telephone, satellite navigation, positioning handle, electric windows, air conditioners, refrigerators, reversing radar, lights and lighting systems etc.

B, automotive interior and exterior accessories: vehicle upholstery, cushions, pads, auto explosion-proof insulation film, belts, muffler, wiper blades, vehicle explosion-proof membrane, inner and outer components, shade supplies, field supplies, champignon, automobile cover, and so forth.

C, car beauty care products, lubricants, chemical supplies all sorts of car: cleaning and upkeep equipment, car wax, lubricants, additives, paints, varnishes, polishing goods, detergents, adhesives, perfumes, fuel-efficient products

D, automobile green: oxygen bar, air purifier, deodorizer, air purifier, cured flavor agent, photocatalyst, dimming mirror, and so forth.

E, Auto Service diagnostic gear, hardware tools, spray plant facilities, parking facilities

F, modified vehicles and modified vehicle parts, supplies, wheels, seats, fantastic siege, bumper, trachea, insulation supplies, xenon lights

G, energy saving and new energy technologies and merchandise, and automotive merchandise industry and associated media, certification, monetary and insurance institutions, clubs, and so on.

Participation Charge Standard booth: A zone 19,620 yuan / month (3 m X three m)

B District 13,320 yuan / month (3 m X 3 m)

C District 7830 yuan / month

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Forecast 3D to unveil race auto with more than 45 3D printed parts at Fast in Extended Beach

Forecast 3D to unveil race auto with more than 45 3D printed parts at Fast in Extended Beach

Carlsbad, CA (PRWEB) Could 13, 2015

For over 20 years, Forecast 3D has been providing the newest additive manufacturing, 3D printing, and brief-run manufacturing services to engineers all more than North America. Subsequent week, the team appears forward to unveiling a key project that utilized practically all seven of Forecast 3D’s additive technologies – the Harbinger an all new, custom built race car primarily based on a 1969 Mustang. This race automobile – which boasts more than 45 fully functional parts built with additive manufacturing – is genuinely exclusive and demonstrates the realm of possibilities of 3D printing. The Forecast 3D group and race car can be noticed next week in Extended Beach at Rapid, identified as “the preeminent event for 3D printing, scanning, and additive manufacturing.”


Forecast 3D will be exhibiting at the major additive manufacturing industry show Speedy subsequent week, Tuesday, May 19th through Thursday, Might 21st at the Long Beach Convention Center in Booth #749. Being at the forefront of item development for over 20 years, the group brings a continuous array of wonderful designs to life every single day, and the Harbinger, which was constructed for race automobile manufacturer Agent 47 Competitors Items, is a project that Forecast 3D is specifically excited to reveal at Fast.


“Working with Agent 47 on the Harbinger project has been quite enjoyable and rewarding to all of us at Forecast 3D. Motorsports has constantly been a hobby of mine, so to be involved on a project of this scale and to see what can be done with Additive and ProCAST RTV in the custom and race vehicle constructing business… to say it’s thrilling is a gross understatement. I think this is the tip of the iceberg as more and far more custom and specialty car shops embrace these technologies,” stated Corey Weber, President and CEO of Forecast 3D


Agent 47 Competition Products needed a multitude of sturdy, lightweight, high heat resistant, and appealing parts for its new Harbinger Mustang. The team utilized Forecast 3D’s SLA (Stereolithography), Fortus FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling), DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering), ProCAST (RTV Casting / Short-Run Manufacturing), and CNC Machining services to prototype more than 45 components throughout the vehicle. Agent 47 was able to get components swiftly and inexpensively in thermoset production plastics, with a assortment of properties and cast in colors and textures. The combination of technologies, supplies, and finishes enabled style verification, lengthy term finish-use testing, and most importantly high level racing. The Harbinger and its components had been tested by means of an whole grueling season of NASA’s American Iron race series culminating in the 2014 National Championship at Sonoma Raceway.


Those interested in joining Forecast 3D at Speedy can use code 10074525 for totally free registration: http://www.rapid3devent.com/. To schedule a client meeting or project assessment during the show, email information@forecast3d.com or check out Booth #749. These interested in learning far more about Forecast 3D’s additive manufacturing solutions can go to http://www.forecast3d.com or submit a 3D CAD file design and style to https://dashboard.forecast3d.com to get started on a new project.


About Forecast 3D &#13

Forecast 3D (http://www.forecast3d.com) has been in the 3D Printing and short-run manufacturing space for 20 years and was not too long ago voted by their personnel as one of the 10 Greatest Places to Function in the US &amp Canada in Plastics News. Known for their quality of service and craftsmanship, Forecast 3D gives a diverse variety of 3D printing technologies with SLA (Stereolithography), FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling), DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering), PolyJET high-precision 3D printing, and CNC Machining, as effectively as becoming a leader in RTV Tooling operations.


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Auto Shanghai 2015 will usher in the 2016 Lexus ES sedan
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Vintage Automobile Enthusiast Replicates a Side View Mirror For His 1934 Dodge Pickup
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Focus Auto Parts Market Situations Steel Wheels – Components, Vehicles – Metal Industry

Focus Auto Parts Market Situations Steel Wheels – Components, Vehicles – Metal Industry

Vehicle wheel is a single of critical security elements. China’s auto sector for the Chinese automobile business, steel wheels provide a good chance. Nevertheless, due to historical motives, China’s steel wheel business scattered, backward technology and equipment level, the circumstance of weak independent development capabilities, and has not changed. This paper analyzes the worldwide steel wheel market status and improvement trends and China’s domestic situation of the enterprise wheels, steel wheels on the automobile market, performed in-depth analysis and forecasts.

1 Introduction

China’s auto marketplace and the massive improvement possible and comparative benefits of low expense, causing a expanding quantity of automotive elements makers in China cross-border investments. The face of international competition and option items continue to erode their marketplace share of stress, the Chinese steel wheel market, the prelude to a series of major alterations have been opened, these adjustments will involve capital, technology, products and markets, and several other fields. In this paper, the common trend of the world to start the wheel industry, analysis of the international competition among state enterprises wheels, steel wheels and aluminum wheels for competition, steel wheel technology, and so forth., describing the existing status of domestic industries and enterprises in steel wheels and predict the future trend.

2 International Steel Wheel Sector Overview

two.1 The globe market for auto wheels

Current years, the world’s car production fluctuated between 10,000 in 5500-6500. In 2004, the world’s total automobile output was 64.616 million. The world’s total automobile output in accordance with steel wheels and aluminum wheels and configuration for rough estimates, the global automobile OEM wheel package is about 340 million (of which: 120 000 000 Americas, Europe, 110 million, about one hundred million Asia-Pacific area ), the industry value of about 80 million (of which: about 3.five billion steel wheels, aluminum alloy wheels of about 45 billion U.S. dollars).

2.2 wheel market, the competitive landscape of international

2.two.1 International wheel industry, “steel and aluminum dispute”

In the automotive market, the conventional steel is facing serious challenge from option materials. Since the 80s of last century, aluminum, magnesium and plastics in the automotive steadily been applied to the mid-90s, alternative supplies, the application was in the auto acceleration trend.

Automotive materials “steel and aluminum dispute,” the safety elements in the wheel’s contention that the performance of particularly prominent, the main battlefield in the field of passenger auto wheels, and gradually extended to the field of commercial car wheels. The early 80s of final century, the international 90 percent of the automobiles wheels to steel as a raw material but in 2003 the share of aluminum wheels jumped to 60%. Some of China’s predicament worse, some of the original foreign steel wheels as common to models, to China to switch to aluminum wheels as standard. Far more Automobile Group, for example, SAIC, 2004 drum configuration models the proportion of only about 30%, 1 / five vehicles with steel wheels, four / 5 vehicles with aluminum wheels. In 1997, JDPowerAssociates survey study shows that in 1997 the major European automobile makers to steel wheels as normal the proportion of about 77%, an average of about 65% in North America, Japan, on typical about 60%. Just two years later, a British research institute detailed investigation concluded that, in the UK market in 1999 Pin Sales of automobiles, steel wheels as standard models only account for 46%.

two.2.2 International drum business concentration and oligopolistic structure of production progressively

Europe, America, Japan and the three main automotive markets slow development and speedy penetration of alternative unfavorable variables, to the international steel wheel manufacturing enormous pressure of survival. This pressure to promote the restructuring of the international steel wheel manufacturing and production focused acquisitions. At present, the international steel wheel manufacturing industry in many main automotive industry has formed a “three pillars” of the oligopoly structure:

Steel wheel industry in North America fundamentally HayesLemmerzInternational, ArvinMeritor and Accuride three divided by the manufacturer the Japanese market is generally the Topy, CentralMotorWheel and RingTechs divided.

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Brass Fittings | Auto Turned Parts | Brass Sheet Metal Components – Shivshakti Brass products

Brass Fittings | Auto Turned Parts | Brass Sheet Metal Components – Shivshakti Brass products

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Shivshakti Brass products is India’s Leading industrial parts manufacturers have shown rapid growth as leading manufacturers, exporters, importer and supplie…
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